Libris Monstrum #6: Quasits

Welcome back to the Libris Monstrum. Last time we talked about some ways to expand upon skeletons as a monster but back in April the entry covered some ideas for imps chosen by specific Archdevils who were granted increased power. This time we go in a similar direction by looking at their demonic counterparts: the quasit. Like the imp these guys take on roles as spies, messengers, and snacks for larger demons. For all intent and purpose they are just here to mimic the imp in a demon-based campaign. I want to expand on that and create some special quasits which have served under their mad lords for too long.

Twisted And Mad

If there are any special quasits we really need to consider it is definitely those devoted to the insane beast known as Demogorgon. Any quasit that survives among the Master of the Spiraling Depths’ armies deserves to be reshaped in their master’s image. Of course, exposure to such a Demon Lord is probably sufficient enough for this on its own.

Quasits touched by Demogorgon would definitely have two heads, alternating between argumentative and cooperative at varying intervals. Still, they would definitely have certain advantages from the extra head, just as their lord does. Beyond that, I think that tentacle arms would be another great addition, perhaps allowing these quasits to grab onto larger targets and take bites out of them while being a bit safer than they would be moving around out in the open. Finally we have one small but important change. Instead of the quasit’s normal ability to scare we should turn that into a confusion ability. When it comes down to it, players will have a hard time recognizing these quasits and will be in quite a surprise when they encounter them.

Little Liars

Let’s now move from madness into the mischievous scheming of Fraz-Urb’luu. These quasits are definitely going to take after the Prince of Deception and be much larger than their brethren. I see these guys as mini gangster lords. Jabba the Hutts of the quasit ranks, sitting on a network of misinformation and lesser spies while they grow large and powerful.

I think the most important aspect of these quasits is going to be their reliance on information. This means that we will probably leave their combat stats relatively similar, though their size will definitely make them a bit more resilient. In order to beef up their power, however, I am thinking a couple options could work well. First we just give them a couple spells like friendship, charm, or vicious mockery. Next we beef up their charisma and give them some kind of feature that makes them more “presentable”. Perhaps some glamour or improved shapeshifting to allow them to appear as friendlies to whoever they need to talk with.

By frodocz on DeviantArt

Just imagine having some fat crime boss in town causing trouble and being the source of work for PCs. The closer they get to taking the operation down the more cult activity pops up to distract them. This action could work both ways as the imp leads both the criminal activity and the burgeoning demonic cult. When the PCs finally confront one of the “two” leaders it is revealed to be a huge imp which can promise them more information than they could ever hope for and catapult them into a big demon-laced game.

Meal Prep

Another idea I really like is a quasit devoted to Yeenoghu. Aside from the fact that I love gnolls and using them both in demon worshipping cults AND cultured alongside Egyptian-esque desert folk, I really like the title of Beast of Butchery. All I could picture while coming up with ideas for this entry were little quasits with bloody aprons and butcher’s knives as large as they are.

In order to play up these quasits and their link to Yeenoghu or another savage demon lord of your choice, we can take out their ability to scare. I want to make as much room for attacking as possible. We’re going to give these guys the big meat carver and attacks that hit more heavily than you would expect something of that size to be capable of. A strong move would be to pull some gnoll abilities but I have an idea for a specific ability as well. We could give them an ability that causes their victims to bleed so that they take continued damage from wounds inflicted by their demonic butcher’s knife. What fun that could be!

Slime And Hunger

Let’s cover one final possibility that would be a lot of fun to play with at the table. Juiblex is the Faceless Lord and oozing, acidic demon lord of gross things. I easily imagine a quasit that is normal for the most part, at least until combat begins. This thing would begin to drip acidic slime and even be able to shift into some kind of ooze form.

By ExitStageLeft on DeviantArt

I think the toughest part of developing this little guy is choosing which abilities to steal from Juiblex and various ooze monsters. We have acid, splitting into multiple individuals, foul odors, and all sorts of similar concepts. For the most part I think leaning into the ooze is where I will go. Give it some acid damage and slime abilities that either make it more squirmy in battle or force enemies to deal with an irritating slime coating. It’ll be tough to choose but at least we have plenty of things to pull from directly.

Have you had any fun with quasits? Specific NPCs or early villains that were or utilized these creatures? Ideas for more specialized versions? Let me know in the comments below!!

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