Hello everyone time for some updates. This big post will also be going up on the site, so if you saw/see it there, it is all the same stuff. First off thank you all for your support. Moreover you can find all full products over on itch.io, all other materials like drafts over here, and access to $3+ stuff here . Now, let’s talk about what is coming up!

Spells of Old V4: I have 10 spell drafted for this addition to the first series I published a few years back. These come from Oriental Adventures and include a few spells to add to the elements monk ability list. This will go up on the DM’s Guild and will be $1. If I can find a way I will get you guys copies/discount codes. In addition I have a list of spells going from the previous versions and the coming versions so I am hoping to start cranking some of those. Here is a preview!

Rain of Needles

Upon casting this spell, you hurl a single needle in the direction of a target before it splits into a hail of needles that pepper the targets of your selection.This spells deals a total of 3d8 damage but this damage may be divided among any targets within range by dice. For example you may target one creature for 3d8, three targets for 1d8, or one target for 2d8 and one for 1d8. Make a ranged spell attack against each target you select, dealing the assigned damage to those you hit.

When casting this spell using a spell slot of 3rd or higher, the spells damage increases by 1d8 for each spell slot above 2nd.

It Starts With A Storm: More version 2 beta drafts are coming, including a collected version where everything comes in a single document. Hopefully by September I will have a more presentable pdf with some images to share with you guys.

Reviews: Recently I reviewed the final version of Power Outage, a great supers game for anyone of any age to play. While I don’t have hard plans for reviews I am going to try to get one out every month I am able. That being said I am not actively looking for them. These will mostly be Kickstarter products that come in.

Articles: I am looking to expand the article number on my blog to include more useful content. One series I really want to do is a simple exploration of real-life creatures that would translate real well into the D&D world and how you might do that. If I can work it out, that will even include stat blocks. For example the shrike is a bird which puts prey onto thorns and spines to save for later, creating a nasty and terrifying larder. Imagine a gigantic version! I am also thinking about a series of lists and stretching my legs in short ideas. Like 10 weird statues to find in the middle of nowhere. Something where I have to come up with an idea that can be expanded upon while keeping myself to like 2 sentences.

D&D Campaign World: Coming up in articles for my homebrew are cosmic primers including entries on various planes including my versions of the Ethereal, Astral, Hells, and more. Also patrons will get access to even more racial options including Tieflings and Aasimar which should have a couple of heritage options depending on the source of your lineages.

Libris Monstrum: Another thing that will be coming in the near future are drafts of the Libris Monstrum. As we approach the 10th to 12th entries I will begin collecting the ideas into a document which will become the Libris Monstrum Volume 1 which will become a full fledged product. Patrons will see the drafts which will include more stat blocks than the articles.

As other updates and things come I will be sure to continue providing you with status reports on Patreon. For those not on Patreon please check it out and consider supporting to get access to drafts and finished products. Oh an the archive pages will be updated by the end of the month, I know I am about 6 weeks behind on those.

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