Dragon Song Empire Primer #1

Finally we come to the beginning of our fourth major region of Idhomly. Once we take a look at the Dragon Song Empire we can begin to move into the planes of existence and some other special features of the setting!

The Dragon Song Empire is the oldest, continuously existing nation on Idhomly. More than that, it is the largest one. The Kairellens fell before they could make inroads on the Empire and so they never suffered like the others. Where some were lost and others destroyed, the Dragon Song thrived. To the east, Keprishet may be grounded in the ruins of a ruined empire, the oldest empire in the eyes of many scholars. In truth it is the Dragon Song who only got stronger during Idhomlya’s darkest days and, as such, is truly the oldest surviving nation.

For generations the lands of the Dragon Song were a disparate group of warring warlords. The “wars” were minor, more like skirmishes with peace dominating the region at large. Even skirmishes and false wars kept the region from expanding in the way other elder nations had by this time. At least until the hobgoblins armies began marching on the warlords’ lands. In face of this united front, the warlords were forced to work together and governing was left to others. As the small nations overcame the hobgoblins, things began to change. Common enemy brought the peoples together as a single nation and power shifted.

In the end each nation became its own province within the larger whole and an empress stepped forward with a legendary dragon of song at her side. The provinces have countless stories as to which the empress hailed from and her relationship with the dragons. The specifics are lost to story and conjecture, but the instance was spark of the Dragon Song Empire. Now the Empire thrives with united purpose as it connects to the other nations of Idhomlya and expands its influence.

People of Song

The people of the Dragon Song Empire are much like those you will find throughout Idhomlya. There are dwarves, elves, halflings, and humans in abundance and many of them have extended families in other nations. But the Empire holds some people who hail only from its borders. In the northern provinces a visitor will discover dragonborn in great number but these will be unlike the smooth colored and metallic-scaled dragonkin of other nations. Here they take on aspects of the local muse dragons, great beasts of charisma and clever wisdom, and have countless patterned hides and unfamiliar abilities.

Beyond the dragonborn of song, there are the cat and rabbit folk. The cat folk are some of the bravest warriors you can find throughout Idhomlya. Even the most stubborn dwarf will bow to the stories of great feline warriors who fought on the front lines against hordes of goblinoids. Not as fervent as paladin orders, these people are among the most idealistic nevertheless. The rabbit folk of the Empire practice patience and balance but are themselves capable fighters. Inhabiting monasteries for a great part of their lives, most rabbitfolk also go through a period of wanderlust, traveling the provinces for perspective. Those who don’t find their way back to the monastery often discover the lives they feel they were meant to live somewhere on their travels.

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