Atlazan Primer #2

Three Nations, Three Philosophies

The land of Atlazan is divided into three major nations each of which follows different ideals. On the western half of the continent is a mostly desert kingdom ruled over by Liege Wyrms, ancient dragons who rule over and protect their subjects under the leadership of Emperor Temtek. Temtektagre the Conqueror saw the coming of the Kairellans, the civil war amongst them, rebellion of the Atali, peace, war, and Demon Lords. Throughout it all he has protected his people and they have, in turn, through their faith helped made him stronger. A living god of a blue dragon, Temtek does not rule directly but through younger dragons who hold sway over parts of the Empire. The Empire is a place of strength, where might and mettle earn you power. That philosophy has driven the conflict with the feathered folk for many centuries but unrest has recently stirred many to “conquer” themselves and their prejudice. Whispers of change spread throughout Atlazan.

Across mountainous center of Atlazan and beyond the demon-plagued forests lies the Aven Concordance, the diverse land of the feathered folk. The eastern nation is ruled by an aristocracy of nobel houses, elder scholars, and powerful clerics. People have done well here but the changes in Atlazan are making things difficult for many. Much of the aristocracy, especially those with power built on familial wealth, have been consolidating this power and making things difficult for those in poor positions. Even in this more peaceful nation the potential for change comes at cost.

While the center of the changes around Atlazan are held within the varied appendages of dark entities, there is also the third nation: the Feathered Serpent Unification. After generations away from their homeland some Atali have returned under the tutelage of their goddess Dionyche and her great couatl children. Studying patience and practicing psionic techniques, these new Atali come to bring community and cooperation back to the center of Atlazani life. While many have come to the small nation to explore new possibilities, the Unification has little political influence. Nevertheless it is from there that adventurers and pilgrims have begun to spread new ideals of a unified Atlazan.

Of Heroes & Gods

The gods of Atlazan have undergone change since the Atali were in power. Thanks to Kairellan influence and, more recently, the events around the Stygian Rift those who were worshipped centuries ago have long gone without worship. Atlazan is a land of new gods and religions. Concepts and ideas have been pulled from the past and influenced by the knitting of universes adding gods from the rest of Idhomlya to the centers of worship in Atlazan. Moreover there are those gods which were born from the struggles of the continent. There are Liege Wyrms who still live such as Temtektagre the Conquerer, those who do not such as Belighos’tranax the Reaper, and those who may still be, such as Ashiok’kyrgod the Dreamer. Alongside the Wyrms are some of the heroes of the rebellion and war against demons which include the Shark Elder, a god of weresharks and piracy, and Kosneuma the World Spectre, the spirit of a treant who died as it killed a demon lord and god of omens and good fortune.

Diverse Resources & Tradeships

The lands of Atlazan are lush and fertile with an abundance of timber and exotic fruits. Even in the Tektagre Empire where desert dominates the landscape Atlazan provides. Deep mines, originally targeted by the Kairellans, exist and continue to be mined today. More than that, the mountains of the continent are rife with calderas and low-acting volcanoes from which precious obsidian and other vulcan minerals may be gathered. Kala’kai merchants move resources throughout Atlazan, but much of the continental economy comes through  large tradeships that tend to circle between nations. Recently other parts of Idhomlya have sought trade with Atlazan and the Kala’kai have taken advantage, putting themselves in a position to control trade in and out of the Atlazani nations.

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