Bael-Ur Primer #2

Resources of Bael-Ur

Sitting where it does in more temperate lands, Bael-Ur has a wealth of resources that various city-states monopolize. Some farm and ranch their open lands, while those closer to the mountains mine for ore and precious stones. Along the coast fishing dominates as a means of wealth, but many other parts of the regions have made their own way. Those along the edge of the primordial forest have made great wealth hunting dinosaurs for leather and meat or using the huge trees for lumber. It is this diverse range of resources that helps maintain the region as a unified front, each city-state relying on the other for different resources and the region as a whole benefiting from trade with the likes of Kheprishet and the Dragon Song Empire.

No One Patron

As with all other aspects that make up Bael-Ur, religion is diverse and thriving. While a city may have dominant god or goddess of worship this is often related to the focus of that city-state whether it is trade, fishing, mining, or something else. Even then, it is more than likely a few others have risen in prominence and the large cities and capitals are full of temples to all kind of gods. The only gods one will not find explicitly followed in Bael-Ur are the determinedly evil ones. Nevertheless gods like Azazel and Lorelai are quite frequently respected by various individuals. Cults form around these regularly and, given appropriate respect and propriety, are allowed to exist, meet, and flourish. While potentially dangerous, these groups are so on a small scale and with understandable desires and goals. The cults to the Great Old Ones are where danger looms and dark, secret cults form around them far to regularly for the likes of the city-states and the Solace Pact.

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