Bael-Ur Primer #1

Today we mark our first primer entry away from Kheprishet and head north to the lands that started it all: Bael-Ur. It was here that our Pathfinder campaign began all those years ago and it is from those ideas that At Worlds Anchor was born!

The province of Bael-Ur is one with a mostly forgotten past. A few centuries ago the region was dominated by three major kingdoms. The mountains surrounding Bael-Ur were dominated by dwarven strongholds while the western forests abutting those mountains were ruled over by an ancient order of elves. From there humans and halflings dominated rolling plains. Those kingdoms thrived, lived, and worked together against forgotten threats until the events that precipitated a great dimensional commingling.

It is known that an ancient line of cyclopes dedicated to the Mad Emperor Keutoka had taken refuge in the southern reaches of Bael-Ur away from their ancient homeland. This had happened so long ago that it was accepted and dealt with as needed. Never was it a true problem for the peoples of Bael-Ur who dispatched the cult whenever it tried to work its insane schemes. At least until they found something powerful, something from the ancient Kairellan Empire.

The ritual they used was mismanaged and tainted with the dark desires of Outer Gods who whispered to them false promises of returning their Pharaoh. That ritual began a breakdown of reality centered in the mountains of North Bael-Ur and a frantic search for the source and ways to fix it. Using another ancient relic and knowing nothing was left to be done, the elves of once-great Thysurra sacrificed their kingdom to stave off the growing rift. It would be another century before a group of heroes slowly found themselves gathering the pieces needed to hunt down a Kairellan ship, known as a Worlds Anchor, and use it to end the reality warping magics. In that time, though, Bael-Ur became an amalgam of closely related dimensions and possibilities. Since then the people of Bael-Ur have been able to advance from pure survival to rebuilding their civilization of a framework of danger and the unknown past.

Peoples of Bael-Ur

Bael-Ur is one of the most diverse regions of Idhomlya for a couple reasons. Beginning with populations collecting after the opening of the Stygian Rift, continuing with the merging or realities, and ending with a region full of opportunity, there was no other outcome possible. Within the various city-states that govern the region can be found nearly any type of individual you can think of and the general culture of Bael-Ur is young, excited, and hopeful. Humans add to this feeling continuously but events of the past have left the longer lived species with demographics that are decidedly young. The best way to describe the people of Bael-Ur is through the revelation that it is less steeped in history, tradition, or consistency than any other in Idhomlya. It is a frontier with room for farmers, pilgrims, adventurers, and explorers. Histories are waiting to be found and surprises from other worlds lurk among hill and weed.

Allied City States

In the century between the opening of the Rift and the saving of Bael-Ur there was little room for significant political development. Much was focused on survival and stabilization, centered around the coastal city of Aggramon. Since then a number of major cities have cropped up in addition to that one: New Ravenglass, Dawnthorne, Happenstance. Each one has become its own seat of local power with the towns and areas around them being taxed by the nearest city and falling under that cities protection. In addition to these city-states is the Brightwing Council which includes representatives from each. Meetings occur regularly and when necessary for the well-being of the region at large, with locations being rotated between the cities. In order to balance the protection of Bael-Ur, especially those located in the wilds and borderlands, there is the Solace Pact, a militia group made up of members from each of the city-states who understand that Bael-Ur has survived as long as it has by being unified.

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