Libris Monstrum #3: Imp Chosen

We are all familiar with the presence of devils and demons within the world’s of Dungeons & Dragons. From maralith to kyton to pit fiend to lemure, there are many fiends which have appeared over the years. Among them are weaker individuals perfect for early campaign cults and the like. On the diabolic side we have imps which serve their purpose. But what if these little spies and messengers had advanced, specialized forms according to whom they served? Let’s consider this in today’s Libris Monstrum!

War Imps

One of the archdevils of the current edition is Bael, a strategist who prefers not to deal in politics but would rather earn his advancement through battle and leading armies to victory. As such our chosen imps of Bael should be warriors of a sort, for their kind anyways. They should be capable of standing their own, runners between generals along the dangerous battlefields of the Blood War. In my mind I can see these chosen giving orders to certain lower devils who would normally be stationed above them, but most of this comes from diabolic military rank.

What does this mean for our stats? I would definitely give these guys a but of armor to help protect them, but also some ferocity. Perhaps a sword and an enhanced stinger with which to defend themselves. In addition we maybe we give them some abilities that would help them on the field. Since these are messengers at their core it would help to give them a couple movement related spells. Are you devil cults too secretive and ritualist? Well, don’t worry, now we have the makings of a military cult!

Frost Stings

Another of D&D’s major archdevils is Geryon who constantly seeks to claim Stygia for himself. With a scorpion’s tail and bat-like wings, this guy is right up your average imp’s alley. Of his current powers and style, Geryon is a fierce combatant. Where Bael would command armies, Geryon would battle directly. In addition he command interesting cold abilities and the combination of these facts will make us wonderfully unique imps.

Shadow-Arcanist on DeviantArt

These guys can be made unique in a couple ways. First let’s give them a snake body like their lord which might also increase the range that their stinger can be used. I also want to make them embodiments of the cold that Geryon wields and we can do this by making the sting damage cold typed. This can still poison the target but the damage itself can be freezing cold. I also want to give these guys some beef to get them into battle. They need to be vicious little monsters who dive into combat, go berserk, and then leave. Rather than hiding these imps will shock and hurt those they must escape.

Little Exiles

Moloch is another interesting archdevil. Unlike others, this entity has been exiled from the Nine Hells and must deal with that status. In looking to reclaim his position, imps are among the perfect individuals to recruit. They are weak and on the lowest end of the hierarchy and, as such, would be ready to get revenge on other devils and potentially elevate themselves by bringing down those serving other powerful devils.

I imagine these imps with the ability to deceive. Not in the traditional sense as a snake or rat or by turning invisible. I am thinking deception of those it claims to serve in order to act as a double agent. In their true form these imps might have hooved feat and large, thick horns. More than that I picture them with small whips that can electrocute their enemies. Perhaps this might even pull the imp in to get a quick sting before flying away.

Dark Light Of A Fallen Angel

Okay, I want to have some fun with Zariel as she is a fallen angel. There is a 100% chance I am going to include an archdevil that is a fallen celestial being so this imp is going to be with that in mind. Of course these should all be flexible in typing for your own uses, campaigns, and archdevils. That being said the fire-heavy Zariel is easy to confer into an imp, but I want a little more.

These imps should be little profanities in the world. They should have wings covered in burnt and singed feathers like small fallen angels themselves. I imagine an ability to wreath their claws in flames in order to deal fire damage on attack but I don’t picture scorpion tails. Instead I imagine them throwing radiant light that burns those it touches. While Zariel is corrupted and wields a necrotic touch, these imps misuse radiant light for evil purpose. Oh, and just to be the icing on the cake they should be able to look like little angels to infiltrate churches and their animal forms should be more sacred animals like cats and doves.

These are just a few examples of specialized imps and I think there is room to make a host of devils that have pledged themselves wholly to one archdevil or another. Important to me, though, are these lower level ones which show up within all fiendish games and you will see a Libris Monstrum entry for quasits in the future! Let me know your ideas for special and unique fiends in the comments below.

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