April Updates!

Greetings all! It has been quite the year so far and I am quite pleased with how things are going. Still we have hit the first challenge of the year, one that was planned and expected, but that doesn’t make it much easier. On the 1st I began the first of two classes before another break. Because of that I will be a little more subdued on Twitter and the like during that time. At least to start. What I wanted to do was give folks a heads up about what I am doing and what is coming.

Articles Are DONE!

Here is the biggest thing. Articles are done. All done. Through May! That means for 90% of my course time I won’t have to worry about writing and you won’t have to worry about articles showing up! I am unbelievably proud of that fact and it is such a relief off my shoulders.

That being said I will need to work on articles some. I am hoping to have June done sometime before April is over. That way I can just decompress for a week after my two courses and still have the rest of June to work on July. And that’s a worst-case scenario. With how well I have been pacing myself and not pushing myself TOO much, I should be able to get a bit further ahead. From there we are free of courses until nearly October and things continue to look great!

Streams and Podcasts

This topic is a bit tough still. I have been making sure that the articles are on track. Making sure what I am working on isn’t half-assed or half done means I haven’t been working on audio…still. For that I apologize but we should all know by now that working smarter and not harder is the right way to go. Even if we have trouble actually doing it sometimes.

The last two streams are late and I am sorry. The Rant features a very quiet co-host I was trying to fix and just couldn’t do much with. It’s my fault as I forgot to make sure we had her volume cranked up opposed to the game music that I had on that channel before. Nevertheless those will be up this week and I am going to take another week off from streams of games to make sure everything is caught up.

In addition there will be no Forge on Monday. For those unaware my co-host has just started a job AND has just gone back to school. Things are tough and she need to focus on that right now. I will be reevaluating the plan for the Forge moving forward and have an update on that ASAP. Until then bear with me and join me for some coffee and My Time At Portia on the 15th.


The quantum sorcerer is out and in case you missed it you can get it for PWYW right here (though any donations help get art for the full project). Other projects still await us and the next couple weeks may or may not include some inspired writing. While classes drain me and my time to make sure things get done, I often am hit with inspiration while my mind focuses on things like accounting and marketing. Hopefully I will have some defined dates coming up but expect actual releases of new stuff to be delayed until summer.

The Website

You may have noticed that the website needs some sprucing up. That WILL be happening during my course load. I will be creating a landing page for all stuff Worlds Anchor and updating archive pages for things like the Libris Monstrum so older entries can be found easier. Quantum Sorcerer needs to go of to the right there and good old Chaugnar Faugn needs a new recolor since spring is upon us! Along side this will be updates to the Twitch page to better represent the changing and working schedule as well as some adjustments to make my life easier in getting word out that stuff has gone up and whatnot.

The TL;DR is that the next 10 weeks are going to be busy and full of business classes for me but the website is prepped to handle that downtime. Things are in the works and I will keep everyone updated as we move forward. Oh! And I may be working on a collab with someone as well so keep you ears to the ground folks, it continues to be a good year!

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