Kheprishet Primer #1

Welcome to some At Worlds Anchor setting information. We’re starting with the core world and center of adventure: Idhomlya. There are a few different regions, some of which I have mentioned in the past. Kheprishet is an ancient empire to the south with heavy Egyptian and light to medium Greek influences. Be sure to check out our Patreon if you want access to mechanical previews like Kheprisean Gnoll racial stats!

The kingdom of Kheprishet is ancient and proud, centered around the Telerat Delta and the connecting sea. It was a rich but dangerous land until gnoll and cyclopes, after centuries of fighting, came together to end conflict and begin an age of cooperation. In this the first empire of the region grew and a complex religion developed. Its name and gods are lost to the Dark Storm, a time when the people of the Telerat Delta nearly lost everything. In this time the Kairellans ruled, oppressed religion, and forced the people to take desperate measures.

Most cyclopes followed the mad call of Keutoka, the last pharaoh of the Old Kingdom, and fell. Those that remained were supported by the strength and determination of the gnolls to outlast their overlords. In time, the Kairellans were forced to withdraw and the remaining people of the Telerat Delta rebuild their empire on the bones of the Old Kingdom. Gnolls dominated, alongside a changed cyclopean people and an increasing number of humans. Religion was revitalized, trade was forged with dwarves in the mountains up river and Kheprishet was born, named for the scarab god of rebirth.

The Kheprisean People

The vast majority of Kheprishet is made up gnoll and humans who have descended from the New Kingdom’s founders. They are ingrained in all aspects of Kheprisean life from work to trade and government to religion. Gnolls dominate the religious aspects of life continuing a long tradition stemming from their ancestors’ ancestors. Humans tend to dominate trade and diplomatic arts due to their adaptability less severe manner. Of the native Khepriseans, the cyclopes number fewest having taken many more centuries and effort to disconnect from the stain of Keutoka. Nevertheless they grow in presence and can be found throughout the Empire seeking their own places in a world that has mostly forgotten their ancestors’ mistakes. You are also likely to find any number of folk, especially in the major cities, but dwarves are among the most common. They form the backbone of many crafting guilds throughout Kheprishet and visitors from the mining clans to the west are frequent and numerous.

Resources of the Telerat Delta

There are a number of resources ripe for the taking in the rich landscapes around the Telerat Delta. Much of this centers around farming whether in silt deposited fields next to the river or on cultivated hills bordering the sea. Among the most common crops include wheats, dates, olives, figs, and pomegranates. From these and other crops the region produces valuable oil, papyrus paper, dyes, and more. Kheprishet is also well known for some of its smithing utilizing the metals it gets in trade from the mountains to the west. Finally, Kheprishet has most recently become a center of study as it becomes a religious center, archaeological base, and diplomatic meeting point.

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