End of February Updates

February is officially over and I want to talk about where things are headed. First off things are going great! Articles are releasing every week including the Year of 4E, new Libris Monstrum, and the Workshop entries. Stream archives are caught up on you can continue catching the talks and gaming live over here or find the stream within a week over here.

Not only that but I am well on my way towards expanding how things go. I have been hard at work on home brew material and want to include ~2 articles a month featuring information about the setting. For those who want even more I am also planning (on alternating weeks) to include Patron exclusive previews that won’t be available elsewhere for months. Things like a primer on Kheprishet with patrons getting Kheprisean gnoll stats for PCs and a list of Kheprisean gods and their domains.

Beyond that products and product updates are on the way! Lovecraftian Spells had 10 more spells added to it on March 1st and will feature some text cleaning and clarification by April. The plague doctor has some ability tweaks and text edits complete as well. Moving forward you will see at least 1 release every month including the quantum sorcerer, factions and favor, and the witch class. Be sure to watch here for previews and links! Patrons can also continue to get all products at the $3 level or higher and all PWYW products (+ Lovecraftian Spells) at the $1 and higher level.

All that leaves is the audio which will begin progress in March and start seeing releases sometime in April is everything goes as planned. Rest assured, though, that the stream system is in place and articles are complete through May so there is a whole heap of stuff on its way!

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