Things To Come Early 2019 Edition!

Here we are approaching the end of January and things have been quiet. At least as far as everyone is aware. In the background I have been working on a lot of stuff and trying to make sure of a few key things.

  1. There is stuff lined up that I am excited to work on.
  2. These things are spaced out at a sustainable rate not an obtainable one.
  3. These things are not just planned but prepared ahead of time.
  4. I do not get ahead of myself and control what I work on at any one moment.
  5. Do not make claims as to when things will be done nearly as specifically or confidently.

Basically, I want 2019 to be a strong year. I don’t want great months and dead months. I don’t want “oh I’m getting to this soon…no…wait….I can’t do it”. So I am doing my best to mitigate these things and do things a little different. But, as I promised, I want to share the current schedule of releases that I will be drafting over the next couple days and my hopeful project way points.

February: Game Master’s Dictionary featuring monuments, Old Libris Monstrum #40, Year of 4E: Player Roles, Workshop Codename: Squidbat, New Libris Monstrum #1: Pixie Paladins. Additionally get 2 of my WIP completed for release and begin the process of Agents of Farsight prep.

March: Game Master’s Dictionary featuring environments, Year of 4E: Defenses, Workshop Codename: Cooklock, New Libris Monstrum #1: Good Gargoyles. Additionally get the rest of WIP done and begin regularly releasing Agents of Farsight episodes again.

April: Game Master’s Dictionary featuring time, Year of 4E: Minions, Workshop Codename: Zalthrugor, New Libris Monstrum #1: Devoted Imps. Additionally, have the initial full draft of Untamed Forge Volume 1 complete and get through another business class.

May: Game Master’s Dictionary featuring more environments, Year of 4E: Power Sources, Workshop Codename: Stewart, New Libris Monstrum #1: Alternative Dryads. Additionally, finish up another business class and be prepared into October.

Other projects will be coming and will part of future updates. The articles named above will come out on Wednesdays but Patrons will get to see them here on Mondays (sans LM#40 which will just release this coming Wed.). Other goals are general time frame goals for my work and may move up and around as things progress.

In addition I am working on getting my streams archived to a YouTube channel so you can watch me fail hard at Magic the Gathering Arena, watch Untamed Scribe and I explore Neverwinter, or catch up on the Rants and Forges. There are also tentative plans to pull the audio and get those to podcast land as well.

Finally, tweaks will happen here for goals and such as I have mentioned so look for the update post when those take place in the next week or two. Thank you all for sticking with me and I cannot wait to get some stuff to you!

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