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Okay so 2019 is here and a lot is happening. Including me learning this new WordPress set up. That aside, I do have a lot I am working towards so let’s take a look at what’s up as of right now! The following was a post on the Patreon page a week ago.

The new year hit a week ago and in that time I have been very quiet. For that I am sorry, because I had intended to communicate a little more than I have, planned on it even. There is good reason for the quiet though and it has 0 to do with what I want to do here or make. I have taken some much needed time NOT worrying about things. Enjoying Christmas, New Years, and my birthday. Going to work and coming home to play Let’s Go, Stardew Valley, and Hollow Knight. It has been wonderful, especially knowing that classes were a thing to worry about a couple months down the line.

That being said, I have been putting a lot of thought into how to treat 2019 and what I want to do. That means recognizing how much more I was actually trying to do while at the same time working 2-3 times as many hours at my current job than the one I had for three years previous while also ramping up my schooling from standard 4 month 200 level courses to 5 week master’s business courses. Sure I have felt a lot better about all the things I am doing over the past year and a half, but damn did I load myself up more than I could handle. This can be noted in how far behind and scattered things got here in the fall.

Because of all that I have stepped back and begun formulating a plan. One in which I can actually get some things done AND end up having something to show you all for it. It means that some articles will stop and others have transformed. It means that projects will be prioritized and FINISHED. It also means most of January will seem pretty lackluster. In order to make sure things don’t just feel like a good plan but actually are a good plan, January will be a slow and somewhat quiet month.

No Game Master’s Dictionary and almost no other articles. Instead I will be doing a lot of groundwork for the coming year. I already have ideas and lists of what I want to do, but I need to schedule them out for myself, and I want to start writing them and finishing projects BEFORE I release or talk about them. That way, even if  I fall behind I have a schedule to fall back on and time to adjust to keep everything flowing smoothly, especially come April when I have my next class.

In order to assure you that there is stuff coming I am going to list all the changes being planned right now and when you can expect them to start.

Old Articles

-Libris Monstrum: This article will see its final entry at the end of this month before it is revamped into something new and different. Every month I will have a new entry featuring a monster that I want more from. I want to take a look at that monster and think about ways to make some more stat blocks and give some interesting purpose to. This will begin with paladin pixies, but continue on to hopefully give us more options with the classics.

-Reviews: There are a couple I need to still get out and I want to continue reviews, but they will not be a priority as they once were. While I was able to get enough stuff to review every week and able to get my reviews out at that pace for a while, there was a lot I feel like I lost in them. Some were much better than others and it was a very time consuming thing to do. So they will continue, but when I feel comfortable doing and releasing them.

-Resources For Every GM: I have spent a long time doing this series and there is, definitely, a lot more to shout out in these brief articles. But my steam has run out for this one. For now, the series is done. Its archive will remain and maybe one day I will pick it back up, but for now there is plenty to look for in those old entries.

-Reskins: This series changed a time or two since I started it. Some where useful advice, some were me babbling about doing it, some were examples. There was no strong rhyme or reason to the series other than the theme of reskinning stuff. I will still be reskinning things and will still talk about it, but I won’t be actively seeking out reskin “articles” to write any more.

New Articles! (Starting February)

-Wednesday Workshop: I have spent a long time getting ideas from people, from conversations, and just from moments of inspiration. Too many were not written down, but I have actively started trying to jot notes somewhere when things speak out to me. A good dozen notes sit on my cork board on index cards waiting for development. That is what the Wednesday Workshop will be about. It will feature a card I have up on my wall that I have taken down and thought through and written down something more to use. These might be a little stream of consciousness, they might be more hard and useful info, but probably end up some combination of the two.

-4E Throwbacks: I not-so-subtly mention my love of 4th Edition frequently and I really want to spend some time going through some of the things I loved about that system and how they influence the way I play 5E and how I might pull more from it still. This year we’re going to do that. At least once a month I will put out a article featuring my look back at a feature from 4th Edition. From treasures that weren’t items to minions and solo monsters to defined roles and power sources, I want to appreciate all the things those did and why we should keep a lot of them in mind.

-From Worlds Anchor: This project has already changed so much since I started committing to it. The title might not even stay the same, but that being said I am going to be sitting down with Untamed Scribe to begin talking the setting as a whole and how it can be molded into something usable for other people. Something with enough to play in as a world if wanted or something to steal monsters, items, spells, and ideas from for your own. It is literately the start of an actual campaign book, but it needs a lot of organization before I keep working on anything that is not directly relevant to projects I am working on or games I am running. You will see articles about my setting again but we’re going to do some planning first.


-Untamed Stream: No hiatus here. This Thursday (today if you are reading this as a non-patron), the 10th at 6 PM EST, we will be back on stream to begin planning out Volume 1 of the Untamed Forge. I will have some preview material from what we’ve already released to work from and we will be discussing notes from previous episodes that weren’t properly released (sorry again) and giving you guys the ability to give us ideas and ask questions so that the first volume is even more fleshed out. Head over HERE to watch it!

-Other Streams: Holidays took the wind out of the streaming sail and I never really got to lock down a methodology. I enjoyed Mewnbase more than CoC or Katamari in terms of streaming. It was fun and casual but I could at least talk about what I was doing and planning. In that regard, I will be streaming something closer to that while I still get used to the whole idea of streaming. That being said I will be playing something tomorrow, maybe Magic or the Pokemon TCG online since I have been itching to play card games. You can watch that at the link above, same place we hold the Untamed Stream!

-Agents of Farsight: It is coming back. I will say it until it does, but I refuse to let it not. First will be the unseen renewal of our play schedule followed by my editing of audio. Over January we will be getting into chapter 3 (proper) and I will be editing episodes. Come February you will see the emergence of Chapter 2 episodes once again on a weekly or bi-weekly basis (TBD). There is little more to say but I is coming, I swear.

-Products: Quantum Sorcerer, new Lovecraftian spells, Faction & Favor rules, the witch. These are all on their way. Each one is, at least, 75% done and some are closer to 90% complete. The problem here was that in order to stay productive in stressful, busy times I worked on that haphazardly and never just sat down an finished them. My goal (though I make no promises) is to have them all done by February. Part of that plan, though, is that they will not be released until February. I will finish them all, develop a release schedule, and then begin getting them out with you guys getting them early. From there other projects will begin.

Okay, that was a lot. One final word if I still have you here (I hope I do). The Patreon will also see some minor changes while I spend this month preparing for February on, tweaking the site layout, etc. Among these changes will be the goals which will include webcams for our streams and hard drives to archive video, audio, and products. I am running out of room on personal stuff and will need to invest in real, good, and organized storage and backup soon. I will also be figuring out and finalizing when everyone gets dice so I can send physical rewards out as needed.

Thank you all for being here and a special thank you to all my patrons and twitter moral support. We’re gonna make great things this year, I can feel it!

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