Quantum Sorcerer Draft Preview!

Greetings everyone! Today I have a special preview for everyone. While the witch is on hold until after the holidays, I have been working on stuff to keep the creativity and effort moving. What this means is that I took the first subclass that I designed for The Magic of Science and wrote up a real draft for it. Patrons have access to the full draft document, but this post will show you some of the features that you will get as a quantum sorcerer! If you have any questions just let me know in the comments below and keep an eye out for a finished version later this month.

Quantum Sorcerer

The quantum sorcerer is designed with the (loose) idea of quantum mechanics in mind. In D&D there is a multiverse of worlds, all very different from one another. But what about time? What if one thing happened and another didn’t? There might be a whole range of Faeruns that are slightly different from one another. Or there might not, but in the moments between moments, where decisions are made and the timeline moves forward in one direction over another there is potential. More than that, destiny (in fantasy settings at least) prove that two or more things are linked in ways mortals cannot understand. These are the ideas I want a quantum sorcerer to play around. More than that I want to take the idea of something not being specific until it is measured. Is it a particle or a wave? Depends on when and how you measure it. The quantum sorcerer sits at the threshold of possibility and existence and this has granted them unique magical abilities. When it comes down to it, the quantum sorcerer should embrace various theories of physics as well as their fantastical postulations!

Merge Realities

Beginning when you choose this origin at 1st level, your abilities draw on alternate realities and this link can cause ripple effects within your personal existence. Whenever you roll hit dice to heal or to increase your maximum hit points at a new level, you may roll two dice and take the higher of the two rolls.

Moreover, using spell points can cause quantum jumps to occur. Whenever you spend spell points on a sorcerer ability or to regain spell slots, roll a d10 and subtract the number of spell points spent. If the result of this is 1 or less, than a quantum jump occurs and something about you changes. When this occurs roll on the quantum jump tables to determine what changes. This change is instantaneous and any ramifications immediately take effect. For example if you spend 2 spell points on mutable probability and roll a 3, the result is a 1 and a quantum jump occurs.

This will be a series of tables with some more likely (physical change) than others (full spell swap)

  • Physical change – hair color, height, eyes, etc.
  • Spell energy change – one energy type of damaging spells you know changes to another
  • Equipment change – one random item is changed to another, one item is lost, one is gained
  • Weapon change – one of your weapons turns into another of the same category
  • Spell change – one of your spells known changes to another spell
  • Proficiency change – one of your proficiencies changes into another

Mutable Probability

Starting at 1st level you can manipulate the measurements of the universe to alter outcomes. At the end of a short or long rest you may roll a d20 and record the result. As a reaction, you may alter the outcome of an event you witness, replacing the ability check, attack roll, or saving throw with your saved roll. You can wait until after you see the d20 roll but must choose to use the saved roll before the GM announces the result.

The event must be observable, by you, at the time it occurs. This means that you cannot, generally speaking, influence an action you are involved in. However, visual scrying can be used to observe an event and using such a scry to watch yourself can allow you to influence an event you are involved in. However, such complex actions might have other downsides, as determined by your GM.

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