A Big Update!

Greetings everyone! What a year it has been, eh? So much has been going on and I barely even know where to begin my 2019, but I am going to try to nail that down by starting here. Today I want to do a pretty big update and answer some questions. While you might not actually be asking them, I know they are likely asked ones and ones I have asked myself, so either way it benefits us all to get to them. Why has fall been so quiet? Where are the podcasts? Where is the witch? What about all those other projects? What happened to the Farsight crew?! We will get to these all today and hopefully set the stage for the coming year!


I am going to do a more thorough look back at what has changed since January with regard to this site and what I am working on come New Years, but some of it warrants talking about here. Over the course of the year I have gotten increasingly unable to commit quite as much time to these things as I used to. Some of it is actual time commitment and some of it is willingness to work quite so much. That has only compounded recently as I have dedicated myself to an MBA program so that I might better the way my life is trending.

It has been over a year since I started working as assistant manager at a small cinema and in that year we have managed to get a liquor license, redesign how we store a lot of things, begun reworking concession contents and costs, building a foundation of increased events, and reducing reliance on expensive hires to do things we could do. This, combined with 5 week courses and general life things (like weddings and almost cutting a finger off), means the year has been stressful, busy, and exhausting.

When it comes down to it, this all culminated between the beginning of August and the end of October. In this time I applied to the MBA program, took two prereq courses, matriculated into a master’s level course, came out of the tourist season on Cape Cod, overhauled a website for 9 months of event series, played plumber more than once, and so much more. I also attended a wedding, learned to stream, published two products, started brewing again, and still more. That is why the site has taken a dip in content. That is why there has been no updates to Farsight and no recordings of the Forge or the Rant. That is why things have stalled out a bit right now. But, all that being said, 2019 is right around the corner along with some major, definitive timetables.

Settling Down

This month is the height of the holiday season, and that means things are continuously busy with life. It is also the end of the year, which means we have a big old to-do list at work to try to get some major things done. But. BUT! I will be done with my first master’s course in 16 days and, given my plan (thanks to my advisor!), I know when all my classes will be next year and the next one isn’t until April. Good news and planning all in one!

As for work, all of the projects are on a roll and I am planning extra hours to make sure the other things go through on schedule. By the time January is half over, we will be back to slow and steady preparation to make sure summer goes smoother than last. By then holiday events will all be over and Untamed Scribe will have had 2 full months in the new place / state. What does all this mean? By the middle of January the only things that will slow down the rebuilding momentum of the Wandering Alchemist will be unforeseen curses of doom.

Project Updates

Okay let’s get to it. We have a lot of updates to go over and I want to tackle them one-by-one. I am going to approach them in order starting with the most imminent releases and working towards the ephemerally planned and timed. These are, of course, subject to change but I CANNOT WAIT to work on them.

Libris Monstrum: Let’s start with this! This week will mark the release of the 39th entry into this series and our next to last of them in the format I have been using. After the 40th the format will change to something a little more creative. I will be picking and having Twitter pick some classic, basic creatures which might be in need of help. To give you an example I will highlight what I will be doing moving forward: pixie paladins. Oaths are varied and pixies are just as capable of it as any other race, but maybe not quite the same way. What would they be like? How would they be to fight? I will be exploring pixies and how we can expand their use in game!

Untamed Stream: We have officially run our test stream, making sure that an audio call would work and everything would be set up properly without any errors. It worked out well and we are planning our streams right now.

Quantum Sorcerer: I will be tackling this class first and foremost. There are a few reasons for this. First I want to get out a concept release for my Magic of Math supplement as well as get thinking about it again. Second, I have been ready for this specific class for a long time now and, moreover, it is only an archetype so it is a bit easier to create and write up. What better project to work myself back up to the witch finalization?

Lovecraftian Spells: It’s still there and with over 40 spells at this point, but there are more coming. Recently I wrote a Twitter thread with ideas about new spells and will have 15 or more coming in an update before the end of the year. I cannot help but want a more and more robust set of horrific spells.

Factions & Favor: This project is a definite for the beginning of the year. As patrons know, I have made a significant first draft on this already. I also plan on using it for my Dragon Heist game. Because of that I will be developing it as I run the game, especially over the next few sessions which will see the group joining organizations in Waterdeep.

The Witch: So close to done, this really just needs write-up completion. Two subclasses are already built and a third is being built as we play Dragon Heist (which also means the class is being tested a bit). The key for this project is getting some extra time to reorient myself, finish the writing, and spend time making up the PDF. I am saving it for my own sake, as well as the product’s, but it IS coming. I promise.

Horrors & Hysteria: The sequel to Lovecraftian spells coming and will probably not be titled as such, though eventually the collected supplement of all cosmic horror stuff I am working will be. How I do this is still a little in the air, as are any actual mechanics. Nevertheless, I am working on an insanity system and grittier madness. Alongside this will be a few items and other GM tools. Pretty much everything other than monsters, those I will be putting in their own product. Eventually these will all be collected into one large product: Horrors & Hysteria.

These aren’t the only projects but the others are pretty big ones. Druidstorm is not something I can do on my own yet, and I’d rather work with Untamed Scribe on that anyway. My cypher system supers setting is also a big project that, much as I want to work on it, will require slow and steady work up to something I can test and create a test document for others to work from. Don’t worry though my supers media consumption continues to be present at regular intervals to maintain my ideas and excitement for it! Over the next month keep a watch on these projects and what I am up to, but don’t expect a break-down of when I am planning what again until after the new year.

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