Results From The Extra Life Drive

Hello everyone, I will be posting a new update in the nest day or two but I wanted to talk about the results for my October Extra Life drive. Over the past month I have spent Tuesdays streaming on Twitch in the hopes of raising money for Extra Life. As expected, I was unable to raise any money for it. There are a few reasons for this all of them things I can work on for next year. First, I had not yet streamed on PC and had some work to do, things to figure out, and bugs to work out. So far so good, the only thing that will help in the future is probably a webcam. Another problem was how last minute I decided to do it, so there was only so much I could do to push it. Much of the point, however, was to get to a better position to keep streaming some stuff and do something bigger next year.

Nevertheless, we did raise some money for Extra Life. It was a small amount, but it is something and even that little bit feels good! In case you don’t know where that could come from, I decided that portions of my RPG sales would be donated for October. The two images below show the results on DriveThru RPG and the DM’s Guild.

The totals come down to the following. The full $3.18 from the DM’s Guild will be donated and 50% of the DriveThru RPG sales for the two titles above will be donated for another $4.10. This brings us to a total of $7.28 of which $4.26 was donated halfway through October. Once the money gets to PayPal, I will make the remaining donation.

That being said, I am going to keep on shooting for more. Any of the Lovecraftian Spell sales that happen on Tuesdays while I play the Call of Cthulhu, will see 50% of the sales get added in. So, please, think about joining me to play through the new Call of Cthulhu game on PC on Tuesday nights from about 10 PM to midnight. AND if you haven’t grabbed the Lovecraftian Spells (featuring 45 new spells) grab it on a Tuesday in the next couple weeks to aid Extra Life.

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