Updates Are Rolling In!

Okay folks we have a lot to talk about but only so much of it can be discussed today. First off I want to apologize again for the wild Fall we have been having and the delay in everything we are doing. Most events are done at this point and it is now that we are finally start catching up on stuff. After a lot of thought, feedback from Patrons, and more we have some changes that are being made to things in the near future. Among these are changes to the way Patreon is run and how we present the Untamed Rant and Untamed Forge. We will also be focusing on getting back to the Forge, getting that last maker session in, and collecting the first volume rather than working out the back log of individual PDFs.

All that being said one of the important things I wanted to bring up today was Extra Life. Over to the right you can see out small progress bar. We are, obviously, not too far on that bar but I hope I can convince some of you to help us out. You can help by heading over to DriveThru RPG and picking up our products. For Lovecraftian Spells (which just got 13 new spells for a total of 45!!!) and Plague Doctor 50% of proceeds will go to the charity. For Futuristic Trinkets, 90% of our cut will go to Extra Life. Finally, if you head over to the DMs Guild and by some of my first products, 100% of proceeds will be donated. You can also head directly to my Extra Life page to make a donation and join me on Tuesday at 10 PM EST on Twitch to watch me play Mewnbase and Voodoo Garden for the cause. Thank you to anyone who donates or spreads the word, I hope to see you on stream Tuesday night!!!

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