October Extra Life Drive!!

Hey everyone, I have been looking to do something to contribute and raise money for Extra Life for a while now. We (our gaming group) have even discussed taking part in the 24 hour gaming drive that is coming up but, to be frank, there is just nothing that we can do to actually be prepared and capable of taking part in that. Not this year anyways. Maybe we can do a few hours of streaming something, but in terms of 24 hours of table top games (that I would love to do) it just not feasible. That being said, I want to spend October generating what little I can for the organization and local hospitals. So this is the post where you learn how to donate and help Notes of the Wandering Alchemist earn money for those in need and give some treats to kids stuck in hospitals during one of my favorite holidays!

Straight Up Donate

This is the easiest way to give money to kids and they get the most bang for your buck. I don’t want to mistake what I am doing here and the kids come first, so if you just want to contribute click RIGHT HERE to head over to my Extra Life page and donate directly any amount you choose. Any and all donations will help us try to reach the spooky $666 goal I have set. If you want to find out how else you contribute, and how I am going to contribute something, continue reading below. The goal is ambitious but honestly I would be happy to get our start taking part in Extra Life with any number.

A Portion Of Profit

Okay, so the guaranteed donation I am going to personally make this month is 50% of my earnings on DriveThruRPG. This means that anything Lovecraftian Spells or the Plague Doctor makes between October 1st and 31st is going to generate donation money for Extra Life. At the end of October I will make a post with screen shots of the month’s earnings and break down how much was my cut and calculate 50% of that cut to be donated to Extra Life. That comes out to approximately 32.5% of any sale so around 65 cents per sale of those two products. it isn’t a lot but I hope it will add up and tack on some extra to whatever generous donations folks make directly.

Support Us But Give More

I wish I could afford to give away 100% of my earnings for October but those precious dollars are getting art for future products and those future products will be able to contribute to future drives like this. That is why I mentioned direct donations first. All that being said, if you would like to help us out a little bit AND want to donate even more you can get an older product, Futuristic Trinkets, for PWYW which will allow you to choose what you give. Just remember that Notes of the Wandering Alchemist will get 65 cents to the dollar on that BUT, and a big but here, 90% of our cut for Futuristic Trinkets will go to Extra Life. Not just 50% but almost all of it! That means that of the 65 cents we get for every dollar almost 59 cents will go to charity. Only do this if you want to do something to help us get art for future installments with your donation. Otherwise PLEASE just click here and donate directly. The important thing is not our cut but contributing to kids at Boston Children’s Hospital, our local benefiting location.

I appreciate everyone who donates anything in any way during this drive. I am going to be looking into and thinking about ways that we can do more in the future, but this was a short notice idea on my part. Future plans might include eventual streams and products made specifically for 100% donation purposes ahead of time. Help us make Halloween a success and maybe we can get something better together for the Christmas season!

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