RPG Blog Carnival: Favorite Adventures

This month’s RPG Blog Alliance’s Blog Carnival is being hosted by Roleplaying Tips and features our favorite adventures. You can find the post here where people will comment with their entries. For my part I want to share with you some of my favorite stories from playing these games over the years rather than some specific adventures. So let’s just dive right into some crazy tales shall we?!


Okay, let’s start with a very awesome game I got to be a part of at a PAX East while 5th Edition was still in testing. I played a wizard (duh) and I had a friend with me. We got seated at a table with two other pairs of people. Our DM was friendly and was really good at working with everyone. We were experienced but the others were not and on pair was two friends who had never played before. Usually I try to play up the scene and what other people are doing. I try to kick start action when its needed and help the group accomplish things by being a piece of the puzzle. I try hard not to by the only solution. I try to be an organizer more than even a planner.

Now I think this is a trimmed down against the slave lords piece of adventure, but I honestly don’t remember. What I do remember was that we got the quest to go help some people investigate what was happening at a mine aaaaand proceeded to sneak in the weirdest way. Somehow we managed that and came into a whole group of goblins. I suggested we sleep them and move from there and we did with our rogue sneaking in a putting most of them out before they ever had a chance to wake up and come up behind our crazy asses.  We found a whole lot of mining equipment, some tools, and a room with what I can only describe as an overseer. Now this guys had two tiger shark things. Not as in the actual shark but tiger-shark hybrid things that burrowed like a bulette.

As we are entering our first combat of the game and half our party’s first ever combat, we took out time. The DM was really good at prompting us to do virtually anything and I took a serious back seat trying to hold back my powerful spells and make sure everyone could do the heavy lifting. So few spell slots…..Anyways our fighter asks what animal handling is at one point and follows up the answer with a request to use it on the tiger shark coming for him. With a natural 20 he reaches into the sand and alphas the thing. Now we have a pet and the 7 of us take out the other guy no problem.

Unbeknownst to me and most of the group, our two hours is running short and we have done very little. But our next task is to take the keys we found and start freeing slaves. Of course we decide to arm them with tools and equipment. In the large upper chamber we confront the boss of this module (I assume?): an elf wizard and an orc ranger (I think?). We have a small army of slaves with tools. They have a small army of armed goblins. We are already over time and have gotten our warning, but we had to see it through. The GM handled it marvelously. Our fighter rode the new mount into battle, our team lead the slaves, and I used magic misle to break the bowstring of the orc’s weapon and make the wizard drop her staff as battle initiated. While we didn’t get to play it through, that was an awesome fight.

The whole 2 (and a half) hour con game was one of the most fun sessions I have ever had.

To Kill A Hutt

Back when Fantasy Flight Games released their Star Wars game for the first time I was all over the beta book of Edge of the Empire. I fell in love with the system and I have been in love with Star Wars for…ever. So when the hardcover was announced officially I couldn’t wait. I bought the starter kit and had to start playing. We actually ended up using the beta book to make characters (I believe) and I ran the adventure from the starter kit. I wanted to dive into the game and universe and start somewhere with some grounding. I knew enough about the universe to work from and we got to it.

The campaign went wonderfully, but I will be honest, I remember few details from the adventure itself. What I remember is the crazy team we had and the antics that they got up to. I’ve never seen better clutch rolls in my life. In any game. When it came to going back and dealing with the big bad Hutt they decided to, quite literally, throw a ship at him. They carefully planned, made good choices, rolled well, and……almost succeeded. From orbit they gave the Hutt his (again I think) ship back by guiding it from orbit into the Hutt’s palace. They then promptly landed, ran in, and stopped rolling quite so well. The Hutt was alive, they were desperate, and we had a full thermal detonator fake. It was amazing and it set the tone for the whole campaign! I loved it and it is one of the most memorable sessions I’ve ever run.

Those are just a snapshot of two of the funnest moments from RPGs I have played. I can’t wait to go through the others at the end of the month and I hope some of you share some stories with us here!

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