Life Updates and Project Updates Sept. 2018

Okay friends! This is where we talk about where we are and what is coming. This is posted to Patreon a few days ago, but I wanted it to get to everyone so let’s update! As you well know things have been crazy recently. Today I want to talk about some of the specifics as too why they have been crazy and, as a result, why this month’s stuff is late.

First, things have simply been busy. Work has been busy and life has been busy. I have been beat on and off. Just, sit with friends or sit and watch movies all day style beat. Sometimes you just can’t do more.

Second, I have started the beginnings of an MBA. This is an accelerated online course so its only one at a time but the whole thing crammed into 5 weeks. This is my last week of the first course and then I will have a break of 1 week before the second. Then, if everything goes as planned, I will have a couple months off and start the ACTUAL master’s courses in January. I am not doing this “full time” but it means a couple months of lots of homework and a couple months with none. It is different than I have done previous but I am finding a balance for it.

Third, life changes are going down. Untamed Scribe is moving soon. There has been some stuff to figure out because of this. Stuff for the Rant, the Forge, and for Agents of Farsight. We don’t want to end anything, but it takes planning and work on top of everything going on with her related to moving. On top of that Nic aka Eaelyn is getting married in less than a month. So life is busy, but right now it is exceptionally so for all of us.

All that being said, things continue to change a bit and stuff is getting pushed back still. I am catching up on some projects and this weekend Untamed Scribe and I are meeting again to figure more stuff out. From the Rants to the Forge to future projects, we will hopefully be nailing some of this catch up down and how to get what we owe you at a realistic rate without making you wait too much. We also will be looking to make sure it transitions into more new stuff without hurting that stuff.

Finally, here’s a little update on immediate projects that are on the pages of my notebook RIGHT NOW:

Lovecraftian Spells: I have a list of spells from known and personally created Great Old Ones written out. A couple are new and a few are from reskinning to fit. Along side these will be a class spell list appendix for the PDF. This is coming in the next month.

Quantum Sorcerer: The Magic of Physics is on the horizon. I don’t know how far, but I want to get a preview out. For that I am going to make my Quantum Sorcerer bloodline and a few spells as a preview that will likely be PWYW. As PWYW it will go in the folder for ALL patrons!

Witch: As I work towards From Worlds’ Anchor, I also come up with random ideas that aren’t directly it. The witch is one of those. It is a class I have wanted to build for a while and it stems perfectly from my cosmic elements. The witch uses an old magic that doesn’t necessarily fit to the elements specifically while being conceptually linked to those elements. So, the witch is coming as a class, for sure!

Don’t worry, the other projects are also still coming along but with no new updates. Stay tuned as we resolve all the things life has for us and keep plugging away at all these projects!

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