GM Dictionary: Brewing #8

Fall approaches and the only thing almost as good as Halloween season is brew season. Granted brewing happens all the time and spring is one of my favorite craft brew seasons, the fall has brew festivals and some of the better, darker flavors coming out. All that being said my love of brewing is making its way into September’s GMD!


In brewing, these are unmalted grains that are added to a brew for certain benefits including cutting costs, foam retention, and adding flavors.

This is a mini-article series featuring short explanations for words more commonly used in RPGs (or potentially so!) than normal conversation. Each month will hold a different theme and each weekday will have a different word. Note: these are personal, simple breakdowns and not perfect. Please tell me if I am mistaken and I will work to correct it! For anyone looking for a collected work please check out our Patreon. All patrons get a PDF collected copy each month!

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