Where Do We Go From Here?

Greetings patrons & potential patrons!! It has been a while since I really just sat down and wrote an update about what was going on and what I am planning. Sure, I have spent time tweeting about it and mentioning it here and there. We even have been trying to include some updates to the monthly Rant. But it still isn’t a hard outline which is something I need and you deserve.
First of all, the website was updated recently to get a new look. That look came with the purchase of the theme’s Pro edition so that I have greater access to manipulating both now and in the future. That purchase is in no small part thanks to you guys. I had plans to update the site in a number of way this summer and have had an approximately negative quantity of time for it. But that doesn’t mean I am not going to go through with those things.
Here are some things I am looking to do with the site in the next 6 months:
  • add a subscription option directly on site
  • pair that with Patreon for a site-based download access of PDFs
  • set up a GumRoad or similar service
  • pair that with the site for direct sales of PDFs, stickers, and wristbands
  • make the over-all availability of home brew subjects easy to find and organized on the site for everything released in articles
So, yes that is a lot of stuff, but it is some stuff I really want to get done. If I can even get 2 of those things done in my 6 month goal I will be happy. But we will see how things go! Aside from that let’s talk about some of the projects coming from Notes of the Wandering Alchemist! First, if you haven’t seen it, here is an image of the current schedule of articles. As I have mentioned these are release days and not guaranteed weekly. Nevertheless you can still expect lots of regular content. Below that image you can take a look at the projects I am working on.
Agents of Faright: The podcast is still going and I am doing my best to re-attain weekly release. Recording chapter 3 has been a bit stunted and there are some…..coming bumps that we will discuss in more detail later. Just know this is not shelved and there are still plenty of episodes to be excited about!
Lovecraftian Spells: There is an update coming for this sometime in September. All you patrons will get access to this update and it will hopefully have lots of good spells added to it as well as quality of life improvements!
Codename: Druidstorm: This is a project idea turned major project turned into multiple smaller projects. I am hoping to have the first version of a draft up in September. This project is going to feature druid subclasses, spells, items, and adventure modules. Keep an eye on the home brew preview days for some teasers.
The Magic of Physics: Another project that is a little less robust in actualization so far, this is going to be a player supplement centered around sciences. Electricity, magnetism, gravity, and more will be feature in spells, backgrounds, and subclasses. This will be coming later this year after the first Druidstorm release.
Plague Doctor: This project is one that just needs final development of the PDF and we will have a first version for release. All $3+ patrons will get access to the full PDF of the final version of this. If everything continues as planned we are talking September 1st for release!
5E Optional Rules: I have a number of option rules running around in my head and partially developed. These include a faction reputation and favor system, a new background development option, insanity rules, and an alternative method of knowledge skills. These will come as inspiration and work strikes me so keep an eye on articles for them!
From Worlds’ Anchor: If you haven’t already start keeping an eye on the site Mondays and Fridays. From Worlds’ Anchor is the culmination of all the work I have been doing in the past 4 years for my setting. Everything I developed about my worlds and made for home games, everything I developed for Agents of Farsight, all the things I am coming to realize in trying to develop a concise setting. I love D&D. I love Savage Worlds. I am VERY excited about coming Cypher stuff and in an ideal world my setting will be for all of these. But I am stepping back from full Savage Worlds rules development outside Agents of Farsight. Instead, I am working from the setting outward. I am asking what is needed, what isn’t, and what makes it approachable AND usable. This is a long-term, constant project that you can expect to hear more and more about over time.

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