Worlds’ Anchor: Species Part 3

Today I have the final part of my preview for the residents of the City Above on the last Worlds’ Anchor! These guys have shown up in the recent expansion and growth of the city. Establishing the city took a little while but now whole species are finding places for themselves within its borders! Next week I might share some district info or maybe the setting pantheon. Preferences or other things you would like to hear about welcome in the comments below!!

Recent Residents

The city above took some time to come together, for political structures and the like to fully develop. Since then, however, the city has seen a great deal of growth. New species seem to show up every week, though their numbers are small and often temporary. Some Realms’ species were in need of new homes to live and the following are among those who found it here.

Robot: Your home world is full of your kind, some specialized and others android, and they have recently found sentience in their programming. Because of bigotry and rampant problems in the 10th Realm, these individuals find hard life. While many put up the fight for freedom and acceptance, others have sought out new homes among those who would just accept them. You are among the later, having moved to the City Above to make a life for yourself and maybe find a place for more of your people.

Stellari: The people of Luxarrah have seen many troubles in the last century. Recently a temple to an Outer God was found on the world and, as part of the investigation, a unique form of the Cosmic Merger was found as well. This, coupled with the pairing of the God’s power with some of the Merger made Luxarrah a place needing aid from Farsight. Since then, the people of Luxarrah have begun to trickle in looking for new ways to utilize hardlight. Among those to enjoy the potential of the multiverse are the grey-skinned, silver-haired Stellari. While your cousins are off-put by foreign suns and moons, you are a child of the stars. You see only a chance to visit that which you’ve looked to in the night sky for years.

Gobbo: You are a small, energetic species reminiscent of the goblins of other realms. Given that, and the name, most lump you in as a type of goblin though you would claim that their energies need redirecting. You have large ears, small antennae, and wide mouths full of small, sharp teeth. Travel is common to the species of the 5th Realm and homes can be hard to come by, but you have found opportunity here. There are untouched worlds and new sights to see. Places to go, people to meet, treasure to plunder. The City Above makes the perfect home base for your energy. Oh the trouble you could get into!

Kobs: Lithe and quiet, you have the body like that of a mustelid. Your sleek form and natural abilities make you desired for many adventures, missions, and jobs. However, it also makes your kind untrusted and, back in the home colonies, that reputation is generally well founded. Not all your people are double-crossing scoundrels and the City Above makes for a perfect place to call home. This is a place where you can use your abilities for a variety of above-board jobs and find trustworthy friends to adventure alongside.

Nyct-sha: The nyct-shai are a small, often quiet people that most people find out of place. That is, you have a tendency to walk along the ceiling when in smaller rooms and you can hear a whisper from across the room. You have large ears and prefer sleeping while hanging from some higher position. Despite these…less-than-normal habits you are remarkably personable and make friends wherever you go. Your gregarious nature has made your species perfect for the City Above and access to the multiverse has made many relatives happy. You, however, seek the camaraderie of a small crew and the excitement of adventure.

Solasyr: Your elfin form often causes people to believe you are some type of elf, but you are different. More. It could be said, you suppose, that the elfs of your world inspired your…existence, but you are born of more. You are born of the Neon Court of old legends and new myths. You come in a variety of forms but you may be noted apart from your naturally neon-colored air and bright, pupil-less eyes. The solarsyr were not born physical, but the power of your lord and the knowledge of Luxarrahn hardlight have allowed you to transcend the limits. You are not alone, of course, but your people have found great joy in exploring the lights of the City Above and the various metropolitan settlements beyond. Like light itself you were not meant to be restricted.

Aenoch: Long ago, the ancestors of the aenochar people discovered something interesting. It was not magic. It was not divinity. It was not science. Though there are many throughout the Realms who might name it one of these or some combination. They discovered that all of these and all of everything can be whittled down to component parts. What most don’t understand is that these part need not be understood, seen, or named. They are pieces, yes, but one only needs to put them together, not understand them. After generations of working these theories and philosophies the aenoch became what they are today. Your purple skin, short tails, and third eye make you stand apart from most humanoids and this is only aided by your airy, aloof presence. Despite your abilities, natural and practiced, you are not all-powerful but you do tend to have unexpected insights into the working of things. Even those no one, even you, has ever seen before.

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