Worlds’ Anchor: Species Part 2

Good afternoon everyone! Today I have the next part of the preview of what types of people live in the City Above. These are those who came to the Worlds’ Anchor in the initial stages of making the City Above on its surface. Next week I’ll touch on more recent residents who came to the city for a new way of life in the growing, multiversal settlement!

Post-Reordering Residents

These species are those who began to populate the Worlds Anchor after it was taken out of the Eye of Karos. It was at this point that Karosians, the residents of the Anchor, and others began to come together and form the City Above as a proper settlement and full-fledged city,

Karosian: You are an average and unremarkable humanoid, save for your dark blue-violet skin marked with lighter marks that many mistake for tattoos. Your people knew the Kairellans in the past. They were unkind rulers teetering on the edge of tyrants but more concerned with other places and other peoples. You learned a lot from them and over time have become skilled magical engineers. Cities and settlements exist on nearly ever Karosian moon and your people are many. The Worlds Anchor and its connections to other Realms have given you opportunity to explore, learn, and grow. Discovery has always been a part of your culture and now there is more to discover than you ever thought possible.

Esch’li: Not all species are experienced with the multiverse, but yours has been travelling its pathways for centuries. Your ancestors met the Kairellans, worked alongside them, watched them fall, and forgot the details of it all. These are problems for those concerned with only themselves. Your people are wardens, gardeners, and druids. Community, growth, and understanding is what is important to you and, though you take moments to experiment with life, you refuse to leave anywhere worse than when you arrived. Of course, few guess it when they first see your species. Long, many legged creatures with eyes on stalks and slime glands make many uncomfortable.

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