Worlds’ Anchor: Species Part 1

Greeting everyone! One of the first things that I have been doing as I create content for my home brew setting is writing out descriptions. These are brief outlines of what things are, something to build from when I write actual entries for them. From here stats can be given to them and, as I flesh them out a little more, the descriptions and entries expanded upon. With all the work that I have done over the past 9 months or so of Agents of Farsight, I decided that the setting needed a more centralized and grounded approach for my lore purposes. It also could benefit from that for D&D purposes. While we won’t be recording the D&D test campaign, I do want to share what is in the works with you as we go along. Today I have a brief description of the City Above, as well as some of the playable species that have been living on the Worlds Anchor for a long time.

The City Above sits in the ruins of the last known Worlds Anchor, a massive, stone city-ship build by the ancient Kairellan Empire. Once lost, the ship was found by a group of heroes who saved their world (and possibly the cosmos) by using the Worlds Anchor to jump start the Reordering and keep the madness of the Beyond at bay. Since then there have been only 27 Realms, but with connections to them the ship became a hub of activity. Now, amid the swirling orange clouds of the planet Karos, the City thrums with the bustling life of the multiverse. Grand new sites, dangerous exploits, and wondrous adventure await all who dare.

Pre-Reordering Residents

These species are those which have been making a living in the ruins of the Words Anchor since before the Reordering. This City Above has become their home, their capital, and access to the multiverse as brought these peoples into new and exciting growth.

Chreax: You are short and stocky compared to other races. Blue or orange fur with a variety of light/white patterns covers your body. Your face is dominated by a large, wide mouth full of thick fangs that give you a predatory smile to those who don’t know better. Above sits three pairs of glowing eyes flanked by rough, corkscrew horns pointing back over your skull. While hearty and often slower than others, your extra thumbs and eyes make you capable of quick, dexterous work. Your people have been on the Worlds Anchor since it was hidden in the Eye of Karos but has long since been unable to completely maintain the ship. Your parents likely aided the heroes in using the ship for the Reordering and you now have the ability to do what you will, a freedom from responsibility your people haven’t known in generations.

Kobolds (19th Realm): Like kobolds of other Realms you are short and reptilian, but only to a point. Your body is a bit thicker and more sinuous than others like you, more serpentine, especially in the snout. More than that feathery filaments and antlers decorate your head, causing you to stick out among all other kobolds you’ve seen or heard of. The scales of your people come in a large range of colors, though metallic tints have eluded any bloodlines. You were brought here in ancient times by some of the dragons who ruled your homeland, a safe haven against the humans of your world who saw only opportunity on your shores. A local dragon of lavender scale and immense power found your people in the time since and, generations ago, began to teach some of your people the way of dreaming. The dreamers, as they are called, tend to have scales of purple shades and smaller, snub-pointed antlers.

Dolko: When your ancestors built the city-ships to search for new homes, they wondered why the Kairellans would not just bring you somewhere or help you make a permanent home. The other species claimed to understand, they believed the idea of the “journey”. Your people wanted journeys of choice not necessity and settled early on. Eventually some formed a colony with connections to the Worlds Anchor and, since, many have made their home here. You are small but capable of jumping great distances and often hear things before they are seen. Now, the journey is yours to choose and maybe, just maybe, you will see one of these “kangaroo rats” that the Karosians say you remind them of.

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