A New Look

Good evening everyone, I just wanted to briefly over what I have been working on in the past few days. The first thing you may have noticed is that the website is different. We will get to that, but I need to apologize for the late content before anything else. The review that was due to come on Thursday will come out soon. As will the next episode of Agents of Farsight. They are late for a few reasons. The biggest problem this month has been all the extra hours I have worked. Good for me and for this site in the long run. Bad for this site in the short term. During that time I have spent quite a while thinking and planning, however.

This is the first change. I wanted to make things a little less traditional blog because, frankly, it isn’t a traditional blog. There are podcast episode releases, works in progress, articles, reviews, and other random things. I wanted a look that would help draw your attention a little more and be a little more crisp. I think the look we have now is doing the job nicely, though some minor tweaks may occur. That being said, the second change is that of scheduling. I have removed the full calendar and event “pages” for a simpler, more accurate look at what I want to do moving forward. You can find that right here. There are two major aspects to this new scheduling. First is the lack of hard commitment by date. This gives me a little more freedom to work on things, some relief when missing a release I intended, and less work updating what is coming when. It also maintains a framework for what you can continue to expect and what days those might drop on. If you are only here for reviews then check back on Thursdays.

Despite all this there isn’t too much that is changing. I still am going to try to regularly release Libris Monstrum and Resources For Every GM, but will be less concerned with maintaining a rigid pacing. I am still going to do reviews, though less frequently. This loosening up of structure gives me more freedom to create. What does that mean? Well more preview material and creation articles, first off. Second it means more insight into my home brew setting. Finally, it also means I will actually have a little more time to release actual products which you will actually have more opportunity to learn about has I develop them. I think it’s a pretty win-win scenario moving forward.

As a final note, try not to mind all the grey placeholder boxes. Over the coming weeks and months each new article will have something there (even if it is our generic logo) and those grey boxes will be relegated to the old stuff. Oh, and this wouldn’t be possible without the continued support of the community and our patrons!

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