Resources For Every GM: Cartography Part 6

Today I have some more map-based resources for you! Each of these is a tool that will help you develop maps for your games. From this page you can make almost any kind of map you need from worlds to cities to battles!

Medieval Fantasy City Generator

This app, created by user watabou, is something I wish I had for a LONG time. It does exactly what you expect by generating a basic city map. Maps include streets, alleys, walls, buildings, and more major features that you can export as an image and edit as needed. If that wasn’t good enough for you, this tool turned into a greater project than intended and the creator continues to refine and update it. Different sized cities are available with the ability to add and remove things like the coast and rivers. You can also warp where the streets run and add a sprawling shanty area spreading out from town. We can also look forward to more warping tools and the ability to manipulate the map to a much greater extent. Right now this is perfect for generating a map and developing the city from that, but I look forward to the day when I can use the tool to make a map that matches some of the cities I already have!


Here we move the scale of what we want to map down to something a little smaller: the battle map. Pymapper is a free tool that you can download to create maps for use at the table. While there are other map making utilities out there with a variety of useful features, this one offers something distinct. First off, it is made specifically for battle maps. Secondly, it is free. While probably not the top of the line in software, its 0 cost alongside some free tile sets (and the ability to use more you have), this is perfect for GMs on a budget. Not only that but if you have a screen or projector you are using, there is a built in fog of war feature that allows you to use the map from the software rather than using a second one piece of software at the table!

Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator

Here we begin to travel in the opposite direction in terms of scope. We’re going huge and getting into a continental map. Want a map of your world? Want a map to populate as your own? Azgaar has the browser based utility for you! This generator not only procedurally generates a wonderful and colorful map but also adds names for various kingdoms right on the map. If you want something different or want to edit the map, there are plenty of options for you to work with. You can choose what layers to show, what color palette to use, and tweak a host of adjustable sliders to manipulate the final product. From there you can also zoom in to smaller parts where individual areas are labeled, change names, and add features. While I haven’t taken enough time to explore how flexible the tool is, it is an amazing place to start!


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  1. Azgaar says:

    Cool post, thanks! I’ve shared a link in dedicated Reddit community –

    • Wandering Alchemist says:

      Awesome, thank you! There are precious few resources out there for easily making maps and I have to share them when I find them!

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