Mini-Review: Mirror 1-Page RPG

Hello everyone! Today I have another one page RPG to share with you. This time we are taking a quick look at Sandy Pug GamesMirror. As a one page that has already been released, this review will be a little short. So let’s get right into it shall we?

Playing Someone Else

The point of playing Mirror seems to be a pretty interesting and potentially fun one: you are playing someone else. Not just some random PC you have made, either. You are going to be granting your friend, the one sitting across from you when you are playing, some stats and then you will play as them throughout the game. They will do the same for you. SPG explicitly makes clear that this is supposed to be a fun game and that the group is supposed to be truthful but kind. You will be forced to utilize the strengths and weaknesses of your friend as you play out how they would react to situations, so being mean only hurts you in the game on top of making you an ass out of game. This is a pretty cool concept for a game and making it a simple one-page RPG turns it into something viable.

The Game

As usual with these short games I don’t want to just tell you how to play. Still, the mechanics of this game are pretty interesting, having you building a dice pool from your strengths and weaknesses (or your friend’s really). Then the results determine how well, or poorly, you did and the GM moves the narrative along. Over the course of play failure can hurt you and take dice away from your attributes. This will eventually lead to your exhaustion or becoming incapacitated and you will need aid from the others to get you back up. You only need some d6s (preferably of two colors) and the one page instructions to play this game. Well, that and some trust and familiarity with the friends you are playing with.


This game is pretty awesome. The concept is great and centers around getting to know your friends and yourself a little better by playing as one another. Obviously there is a level of trust and ability to be comfortable with each other that is required to play this, but the whole idea is wonderful. The mechanics are simple and help reinforce the fact that you will have to work together. You won’t be able to just make your friend do stupid things. And what’s the point of doing that anyways? Mirror is definitely worth looking into and you can get some more info from the author here. If you’re a fan of the one-pages that do something unique, Mirror should definitely be high up on your list!

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