Notes On Tomorrow’s Review(s)

Good evening everyone! I just wanted to give some insight into the lack of post that is going to happen tomorrow. In my necessity to reschedule things a few weeks ago, it seems that I missed moving on back. Those of you who have looked at the calendar might notice there are two scheduled for tomorrow and none for next week. That was my first mistake. My second is the necessity of putting an extra 20+ hours into my day job in the past week. Because of this I have not had time to sit, read, and digest the things I need to review.

So. My current plan is to relief myself of the worry and burden by letting you know tomorrow will feature no reviews. The Awaken RPG review will be up Monday is all goes well and next Thursday if not. The DM Jam bundle will be out next Thursday (which it was supposed to be scheduled for). As many of you know I am cramming a ton into this aspect of my life and my day job this month. May has been INSANE, but its almost out of the way and I am almost out without a complete crash and burn.

For those who would like to hear about Awaken sooner, Death By Mage has a review you can read here!

Keep your fingers crossed the last week of May can be crits for me!!

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