Resources For Every GM: Audio Part 2

I have spent a pretty good amount of time recently focusing on inspiration for your games. There is a lot of it out there and it can be more useful than any rule book or source book. In the coming weeks I will have some more inspiration for you, but I also wanted to include some tools. Today I have some audio resources for you, but sadly only two. These can be pretty hard to come by and one of the sources I found for today’s article seems to no longer exist. I haven’t deep-dived to find out why, but the source is one from half a decade ago and much of the activity around it is from then too. It was at and if anyone knows what happened or if it’s coming back I would love to hear about it. For now though, I’ll share what I can!

The Guild Of Ambience

This is a small YouTube channel that has been around for about 2 years now and they come out with ambient tracks for fantasy settings. The nice thing about this channel, despite its small playlist is that each of the tracks plays for at least 45 minutes and some play as long as three hours. Every couple of months their is another new track and, hopefully, with more traffic they might make more, but what they have so far is great. There is a variety of indoor soundscapes and indoors coupled with rain or wind. There are also a few setting specific ones like the swamp, cave, and library. If you are looking for a quick sound to put up in the background of your game that will last for a while, this is a great resource.


This is probably the most useful sound resource since I shared Syrinscape with you guys. They have a huge mix of fantasy and sci-fi soundscapes for you to use. You can get tracks individually or in albums that collect a variety of background music set to a specific setting such as a capital ship in space or a dwarven forge city deep underground. The folks at Battlebards work with a lot of good talent to bring this level of thing to the community, so there is a cost. While there are no free options there are plenty of ways to obtain the music for use. You can buy individual tracks and sounds for as little as a dollar or less, you can buy whole albums for adventure needs, or you can become a premium member. This gives you streaming access to all tracks along with a mixer and soundboard to further customize your music. Now, I have not had a chance to try these out, but given the amount that can be found here and the list of sound effects, this is a fantastic resource. Tons of music, soundscapes, NPC lines, and sound effects to utilize. More than that, there is a podcaster license to utilize a pretty big selection of the library (given you’ve purchased the sounds) on a stream or a podcast. If you have the money to spend, or are looking for a very specific type of track I would definitely give the Battlebards site a look!

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