Getting My Act Together!

After a couple rough months of delays, power outages, surgery, and craziness things are finally getting back on track. As such, I have a quick run down of the updates for you all. First off I have finally gone through and updated a bunch of things I have been meaning to take care of. This includes updating the Cracks of the Rifts chapters for ease of reading, the Libris Monstrum archives, the Resources archives, and reducing the audio pages down to what we can do with our new host. This is a big start to really moving forward and a pretty significant Spring cleaning to keep me motivated moving forward. Additionally, I have updated the calendar and review schedule to account for some changes that had to happen this week.

Something I am going to be doing in the near future will be making an archive page for the sub-class and re-skin challenge articles I am writing every month. That way you can find them all easily along with any links to finished products as I develop what I can. It is also my hope to integrate more into my site a little better including touching up our product page and, when the time comes, adding a shop directly to the site. That way anyone who wants to support us can easily do so by buying applicable PDFs directly, as well as bracelets and stickers! Finally, for those who aren’t Patrons, I am also working on some updates to that but you can continue to count on early episodes, the monthly Untamed Forge PDFs, and more. Good news there is that we have recently upgraded the quality of dice we give away as well!

Thank you readers for your patience so far this year and I hope we continue to change and grow for the better despite these obstacles!!

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