The Quiet Dark & A Giveaway!!!!

Hello everyone! If you missed it our 3rd episode of Agents of Farsight came out yesterday and with it is the new set up and much better audio! Additionally, with its release is the beginning of our continued push to get word of our adventure out there. For the first chapter we have a giveaway that will be going on for the next 6 weeks. That’s a long time, you might say, but the truth is I want to give you a few extra chances to enter and spread the word. Each week’s episode will feature questions about the game. These are asked in the outro and the answers will be found in that or the previous episode. This means that, while anyone can enter and help spread the word, our listeners will get the most entries and chances at winning. The main prize for the giveaway is featured below and is enough material to get started playing Savage Worlds with a GM and 3 friends! We will also be giving away at least 2 sets of dice (plus a wild die!) to runners up. Perhaps if we can hit some milestones along the way, we’ll add runners up. Only time will tell! For now, listen to the latest episode and be sure to pay attention so you can answer those questions correctly (wrong answers will be re-rolled for different winner!).


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