Where Are We Going??

The short answer: no where, of course!! As you know 2018 has had a bumpy start. First I made one of my fingers useless for a while. Then there was a hurricane. Next was a blizzard. While 5 of 20 days without power isn’t the worst thing to happen to me, it makes this all very difficult. Don’t worry though! There is more snow coming tomorrow. Frankly, I don’t know if it will mess things up more. Winds are supposed to be pretty high again. For all I know I won’t have power for two more days. Assuming that doesn’t happen, I do have a plan and my goal tonight is to share that with you.

Just now, I finished updating not only the calendar but the review page. All of the reviews I have to do and have been meaning to do are updated in both locations. Some personal purchases have been rearranged and delayed. Other items have been largely kept in the proper order. As long as everything goes as planned, you will finally get another review this Thursday and every week moving forward as is meant to happen here. The Libris Monstrum, Resources For Every GM, and other article are all maneuvered as well. First Cyclops will be covered tomorrow instead of tonight. Second, I will not have an entry for this month’s Blog Carnival. Finally the Hag Coven Wizard will be delayed until next Wednesday. I have some ideas, but I do want to have time to write them out a little better than if I had tried to fit it in tomorrow.

Contingency plans is another thing I am working on. I was so close to getting ahead enough to avoid problems but here we are. With the last two outtages I used my device lives to edit Agents of Farsight audio. Now I have episodes uploaded and scheduled into April. Thanks to that, even if we lose power again, I can spend time writing articles with what power we have. Though, to be fair, they might not be the articles I am meant to. That being said, review items that are not physical will be put onto USB just in case. Also, anything I don’t need net access for can be written. Worse case scenario I get ahead on some articles and stay behind on others. That’s still better than nothing. As usual, I will try to keep everyone up to date as things change. Just hope that power is cool and the Libris Monstrum manages to come out tomorrow!

Beyond that I have all kinds of things I am working on or planning to work on. This includes a refinement of the Patreon and my goals for things. There has been plenty of time for thought and as we get the ball rolling, I will be directing it in better directions. I thank everyone for their continued support whether you are a Patron, a reader, or a fellow creator who re-tweets me. You are amazing and I can’t wait to provide all the things I so desperately have been trying to.

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