Pray To The Gods Of Power…

Hello friends! A quick update while I am at work. The blizzard was worse than it was supposed to be, especially the wind. As a result much of my area is without power and I have not had it for around 36 hours. Due to the outage the plans for fixing the schedule this week has been messed up. While I warned my readers of this, I was really hoping it would not be the case. So, I sit here at work trying to think about the potential ways to fix it over the next week or two. Tomorrow I will, hopefully, have power back and will come up with a real plan. That being said things are not going to go as I stated Monday BUT I used the power on my devices to get what work I could, done. While it doesn’t take care of my current problems it does take care of some future work and, so, things should be back to normal sooner rather than later. Until then, thank you and I hope you all crit!

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