Tendons, Hurricanes, & Blizzards Updates

Good evening everyone! What a month and a half it has been. As you know by now I cut a tendon in my finger just over a month ago and it set me back a bit. Aside from delaying things a week, it also set my entire schedule out of whack. Between that and the recent weather here in Massachusetts everything has been…a mess. Because of that I needed to step back and get my act together, make a new to-do list, fix my calendar, and schedule recording times. So, let’s talk about that.

First, all upcoming articles should come out on time. I do still need to get last weeks review up and I meant to get to that today, but I am still kind of debating on how to approach it. You see, I was given one version and the working next version. I can either approach the game, the game as it is going to be, or compare them. I am tending towards focusing on the new version and the rules as is right now, but that decision has delayed the posting a bit. So, because this week’s review is an accessory, I will be holding off until Thursday, at which point I will publish both reviews. From there everything should be back on track here at Notes of the Wandering Alchemist.

Next we have the podcasts. Agents of Farsight has all of the intro episodes out AND the Whilma episode is fixed. Unless you listen on Google Play. Apparently they cache the files and I needed to make an special adjustment to get them to update. Because of that it might take another 6-12 hours to update and that assumes the fix worked. If not I will get it fixed as soon as we figure out how…again. That all being said the first chapter, Of Robots & Zombies, will begin releasing this Saturday morning (plus update lag times). The Untamed Rant also continues to be on schedule and you can expect the next one on time, but don’t forget to head to Twitter to vote for next months!

For Patrons, things are a bit more complicated. I have gotten you the first two episodes of Chapter 1. You have the Rant already. But you won’t be getting the Forge on time. We just couldn’t make it happen. Instead you will get it on the first along with the Rant with another one (hopefully!!) coming on time two weeks later. PDFs of various things are also on their way but their release remains tentative on two things. First, finishing this catch up stuff and second, the limits of of my ability to awkwardly write with my healing finger. That being said, these things are being developed still, just slowly right now. Finally I will be double checking what I may have forgotten to put up and correcting that, as well as compiling some recent article links in a Patron post.

Last of all, I want everyone to know that this site needs a little work and I will be tackling as much as I can of that this weekend. This included repairing playlist pages to the best of my ability and updated the archive pages with the most up to date articles, resources, chapters, etc. Little by little things are being corrected and I am taking steps to make sure they don’t snowball. Which segues into the major caveat for all of this over the next 3 days. We are expecting over a foot of snow in the next 24 hours. If we lose power everything will need continued adjustment and we will see where we are. Keep your fingers crossed for me and thank you all for your continued support!

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