Re-skinning: Yeti Goblins!

Good evening everyone! Tonight is a re-skin I am very happy you all decided to vote for. In fact, in thinking of how to go about it I kind of figured out a whole little new race of goblins that I want to make. Instead of talking about those or going crazy with designing them, I will stick to how to make yeti goblins. Hopefully this article will provide you with a fun alternative of goblins to use in your winter settings!

Where To Start

Keep in mind, as always, I will be trying to get the most out of as few books as possible. Because of that this article is going to assume that we only have the Monster Manual for 5th Edition. In there we have both goblins and yetis. Our first step is to decide what exemplifies these guys. Outside of the game I am pretty sure we know the main features of both of these creatures. Goblins are small, weak, and vicious. Yetis are huge, brutal, and tough. In many ways they are opposites of one another. What better creatures to combine?? Within the mechanics of the game there isn’t much to consider, both of these are relatively simple monsters. Goblins have the ability to maneuver and can run or hide much easier than other creatures. Beyond this is the boss’s ability to have a minion take hits. As for yetis, they can smell real well and hide in snow. Being angry, less-grouped up monsters the yeti also gains multiattack along with special cold-related abilities. All in all, I think the best place to start is the goblin, taking them and turning them into white-furred menaces.

Starting Changes

I think the first thing we need to do is take the base stats for the two goblins and adjust them to more closely resemble yetis. First, we can add keen smell and snow camouflage. These aren’t too major for CR, but make them appropriately equipped to be the scourge of tundra kingdoms. Nimble escape combined with the ability to hide better in snow can make especially great ambush-style encounters. Next, lets do something easy and replace the weapons. Instead of scimitars, bows, and javelins we can make use something better. Depending on how savage you want them to be, I would go with rocks as thrown weapons (probably use javelin ranges) and then replace the scimitars with either crude clubs or mauls. Already, our goblins are fitting in much better.

Next we need to do the actual tweaking. We can keep the Dexterity score the same as it’s not super higher and we still want them to be Stealthy and quick. However, we also need them to be stronger and hardier. Just like yetis, it takes some beef to survive harsh winter lands. Let’s go ahead and kick up the Strength score to at least 14 or 15. This will maintain the attack stats calculation with the new weapons. If you ask me though, let’s kick these guys up to CR 1 and 2 instead of 1/4 and 1. The easiest way I can think of is to first boost Strength to 16 and, as a result, tack 1 onto both the attack rolls and the damage. It isn’t a lot, but it will balance. The other big change we need is Constitution and HP. Let’s kick up the Con to 14 to add to rolls they might need. This also adds 2 HP for each hit dice. That alone puts a goblin at almost 150% HP. Now, to really make em tough I would just easy math double the HP. This won’t break anything and, if you have any experience, might not be enough depending on the group. But where to go from here?

Let’s Get Dangerous 

No, we’re not adding Darkwing Duck, but we are going to add some things. To keep it simple let’s take the new yeti goblin boss and make a variation: the yeti goblin shaman. This is going to be pretty easy (mostly because that’s the point). Take your new and improved CR 2 yeti goblin boss and take away his fancy redirect. Replace it with the yeti’s chilling gaze. Just drag and drop it because we are going to make this guy a CR 3 just like the yeti. This will require a little more HP boosting, but let’s be honest, this is the most messed with on the fly stat anyways. The only thing I would do beyond that is boost the Wisdom score to be positive to help represent the role of this individual. This will also boost perception, but that’s just fine. I lied. We’re going to do one more thing. Let’s make that rock attack and make it a magical snowball. Make the damage cold and, if you like, add a Con save to avoid being reduced to 1/2 speed for one round. Now we have an even more fleshed out tribal group of strong, furred goblins that live in the tundra!

No, I didn’t provide stats, but that’s a little too easy. Part of this is to practice your hand at re-skinning things and adjusting stats. It shouldn’t be too bad and remember tweaking with each use is not just allowed but good practice. Using similar methods you could take other monsters and create more new goblins, or kobolds for that matter. Sea kobolds? Let’s use the marid or bronze dragon wyrmling! Cave yetis? Combine yeti and gargoyle! The possibilities are endless. Let me know about some of your combos or how you would improve these yeti goblins.

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