Agents of Farsight Is Coming!!!

Last week the first preview for Agents of Farsight went up and yesterday the second did. You can find both of those below, but you should also know that both our shows have moved hosts and, in the process, can be found now on iTunes, Stitcher, GooglePlay, and more. You can also find our feeds here and here to add them to you favorite podcast app!! Tomorrow night Patrons should get the final intro along with the two episodes featuring session zero! For those who are not Patrons you will be able to listen to the final introduction next Saturday morning and both parts of session zero will go up the following week. After that the adventure begins and it is a fun one. We cannot wait for you to hear it.  Until then follow us on Twitter for updates and listen the episodes below to learn of our cartoon healer and our deva mage!!


Oh and a note. The playlists here might be down for a while since we have moved hosts, but all the episodes of Untamed Dice are still available!!

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