Blog Post Delay

For those of you following me on social media you know that I spent yesterday in the hospital. Not to worry! It isn’t major, not in the grand scheme of things, at least, I cut my finger and ended up slashing a tendon. As a result, I went into surgery (luckily all same day!) and now sit with a hand splint. Luckily it is my off hand and my thumb is free, but I cannot type well or fast right now. On top of that I need time for follow up appointments and PT. For now, articles will be pushed back one week. If I regain use of my other fingers we might pick things back up then. We can revisit things in a week. For now, though, I can still edit audio and Farsight should be good to go, though no promises. For now I am taking it slow and playing by ear. Keep your fingers crossed my Con is high enough for quick recovery!

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