Review: Eldritch Essences

Today I have another unique review for you. First of all this is my first time reviewing candles. Second, I have decided to review a little more than just the candles but, really, the company as a whole. Finally, for reasons related to our upcoming podcast, I can review all kinds of aspects to this topic. With that vague lead-up out of the way, let’s get to it!

Ambient Candles

Eldritch Essences is one of multiple companies that offer ambient candles that are especially useful at a RPG table. What sets them apart from the others is that these candles are based on the various works of H.P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu mythos. From the Reanimator to the Mountains of Madness, there all kinds of candles to choose from. Personally, I have tried a few of them out and my favorite so far is probably cosmic oasis and the dreamlands. Dreamlands especially, if I remember which was which correctly, smelled of cotton candy and I loved it. Which ever scent you get, I can assure you that they will not be weak. Leave the room for a brief moment and you will return to a renewed appreciation for the delightful scents that the candle is providing. Eldritch Essences offers a lot of different versions of their candles to choose from as well. There are smaller hex jars that last around 30 hours and deluxe jars that last 50! The deluxe ones also come with a fun octopoid necklace. If you want something smaller they also offer tea lights, votives, and wax melts.

The Company

I worked with Eldritch Essences directly recently for Agents of Farsight. Discussing the project went smoothly and, despite holiday bumps, it had a rapid turnover. I am a scent novice, but was able to portray enough about settings and what I was looking for them to get a feel for the scent I was looking for. In all of these my expectations were exceeded. Additionally, we have a player who has a migraine trigger from cinnamon. The response: no cinnamates (a family of scent chemicals), and we couldn’t be more grateful. All I can say is that Eldritch Essences is a pleasure to work with and incredibly helpful and responsive. Which brings me to the last part of my review.

Custom Scents!?

I need to note here that Eldritch Essences does not currently offer custom scents on their shop front. In fact I was their first foray into such a project, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I have already discussed working with and talking to the owner, but let’s talk the project. I was able to get two scents for Agents of Farsight and both of them smell wonderful. Not only that, but they are going to last me a great number of sessions and I hope to work with Eldritch Essences again when we travel to other lands in game. Custom scents, well crafted to my poor descriptions, with all the care of those who might have migraine triggers led to a pair of amazing products. He also took the time to throw the logo on the labels!

I hope Eldritch Essences grows and expands their Lovecraftian scent collection. Continuing to work towards more or regular custom jobs would also be incredible, and I truly hope they can work it out. If nothing else I encourage you to check their site and try out some scents. Go for a hex jar or two to start!

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