Resources For Every GM: Internet Part 11

Tonight I have three resources that are, essentially, free. Of course that is true for many of the internet-based resources that I post here. With today’s growing community and access to the internet, it becomes hard not to find new resources. Not all of them are great. Some still need to grow and develop (like me!). Others, though, are really fantastic. Today I try to share with you three of those fantastic online resources to add to your bookmarks.

The Superpower Wiki

This might sound like a strange resource and oddly specific, but the amount of information that you can derive from it is pretty amazing. The wiki is exactly what it claims to be, but you have to think about how you could use a database of superpowers. Also consider the fact that this database, while centered around the concept of superpowers, is not restricted to comic book based abilities. Within the wiki there are categories and sets of powers and power-bases. I found this incredibly useful when homebrewing for my Farsight campaign. When looking to make racial traits I would look up the creature or race that inspired the one I was making and find the most associated abilities. This allowed me to get a much better idea of what direction to go and focus on translating it into racial traits. I was also able to do this with the power trappings I was making for Savage Worlds, using it to find examples of how different themes worked. Beyond also giving examples of users to certain power types, these powers are grouped by what they do and subsets or related powers. Usage by power level of the user is given, as well as examples of common limitation such powers have. This is a perfect resources, not just for someone playing a supers game, but for anyone looking to design some themed monsters, spells, or magical items!

Continuing Mission

I absolutely love this site, despite how new it is. If you are looking to run Star Trek Adventures (I have a review here), this website is an invaluable resource. Within it you can find over a dozen new races for your crews to potentially be. From Klinons to Romulans and even the Binar, this more than doubles the potential that you could run with. In addition, it is a good place to keep up to date with the major events for the RPG and get lots of other ideas. Every week there are posts for NPCs, races, starships, scenarios, and information. The fact that a few people have taken it upon themselves to make sure players waiting for the source books to come out have access to some of the types of things they are waiting for is amazing. To create as much as they do, as often as they do, is incredible. While the site is limited to Star Trek Adventures, it is the only resource of its kind that I have seen and an excellent one at that.

Zadmar’s Savage Stuff

Another resource dedicated to a specific game, this website has been a lifesaver in my Savage Worlds design over the last couple months. I would not have gotten as far as I have in the time I have without some of Zadmar’s guides. Especially Savage Arcanum. For those of you new to Savage Worlds, looking for a new campaign to play in, or in need of help designing your own things this website is for you. It has it all. Folks new to the game can find conversion tools, character generators, and other helpful things. On the site you will also find a number of adventures and other fan resources. If you wonder if the fan stuff is decent, I can vouch that Zdamar’s got good stuff there AND there are a few licensed products as well. If you want a new campaign setting to play in, something a little different perhaps, than check out Saga of the Goblin Hordes which you can check out now and look forward to even more in the future. Honestly, if you have any experience or interest in Savage Worlds, add this website to your list of things to check out.

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