A Quick Note To Start 2018

Happy New Year everyone!! I was hoping to have two articles out by now, but with Christmas and New Years both falling on the cap of a weekend…well, things have been pretty crazy. To start off I want to talk about reviews. I have had a couple people reach out to me and I have picked up a couple things myself. On top of that I have some shelf items that I finally want to get up here. What this all means is that I have a schedule of weekly reviews through February, a tentative March schedule, and should very shortly have a tentative schedule through April. I also have to mention that this month requires another review swap from me. This week was intended to be the Solo 5th Edition Adventure, but I haven’t really had time to play through it. Instead I am swapping it with the one scheduled two weeks. That means this week I will review the Trashmob Minis and on the 18th should come the solo adventure. I have been looking forward to this and want to give it a play experience instead of just reading through it.

Next I have GM Dictionary material lined up for many months. I have topics and their words for the next few months all lined up. This week I am hoping to write up February’s definitions and begin on March’s. You may be wondering where January’s is. The honest answer is I did not properly schedule them ahead of time. In order to make up for that in what little way I can, I will be starting the GM Dictionary for January, which is geology by the way, tomorrow and it will go straight through the weekend. That way by Monday everything will be lined up as it is supposed to be.

Beyond that let’s talk about this week! Tomorrow you are going to get my New Years Resolution Resources special. Time isn’t the only reason I haven’t done this yet. I have also had some trouble choosing which games to feature. As much as anything else I want to work harder on actually going through with them this year. Libris Monstrum #22 will feature golems and be out on Thursday. Finally, because of the nice switch, I hope to also get the paper minis review up Thursday as well. If I don’t it will be up on Friday. Patrons will find that I am a little late on the uptake for their releases, but I will be writing them a post right after this outlining my goals on catching up there. The turn of the year has never been so busy for me and despite the troubles, I am very glad for it! Thank you to all my readers and those who helped the blog to grow last year. Let’s make 2018 even better!!

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