GM Dictionary: Animal Parts #12

This month I want to cover something that might come up when trying to describe different creatures. I’m sure we all have a descriptor for random limb that we tend to go to more than others. Let’s be honest though, not everything is a tentacle. What about pseudopod? Arm? Cilia? This month we are going to focus on animal parts. Some of them will be words people tend to know, but some might not. And, as will often be the case, we will probably have to feature this topic again in the future for more words.


Venomous creatures are dangerous when they inject you. Venom is a chemical which affects the body when introduced forcibly. This specifically differs in entry method from poisons. To remember the difference: if it bites you its venomous if you bite it then it’s poisonous

This is a mini-article series featuring short explanations for words more commonly used in RPGs (or potentially so!) than normal conversation. Each month will hold a different theme and each weekday will have a different word. Note: these are personal, simple breakdowns and not perfect. Please tell me if I am mistaken and I will work to correct it! For anyone looking for a collected work please check out our Patreon. All patrons get a PDF collected copy each month!

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