The Late Rant & A Quick Note

Let’s start with the Rant that should have went live a few days ago.



Okay, now that you can listen to that I want to throw up a couple of updates. First Untamed Dice is going to continue being give and take. There is a lot going on right now and my focus continues to be this blog. I have a number of reviews lined up and the continuing GM’s Dictionary. In addition there are Dev Diary entries I want to make and a handful of other articles. All this in addition to Libris Monstrum and Resources for Every GM.

We also have the new Untamed Forge for Patrons and a project I have been working on for a few weeks. This project as allowed me to add more of my home brew to the site, but it is also an effort to produce something different from Untamed Dice. That show is sporadic in recording and sporadic in release. I don’t want to give up on that, but I want to provide better. By the end of the year I hope for Untamed Dice to be regularly releasing and prepped better ahead of time. I also hope to be in the process of recording our new show. There is a lot of prep work and time management to work out.

I have gotten to the point I wanted to with the blog and continue to get ahead. I hope to do the same with Untamed Dice and provide you another, better produced show next year. That all being said expect the next Untamed Dice (Zelda & more Luxarrah!) to be in November.

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