Update On Coming Articles & Podcast Episodes & Giveaway!

Okay let’s start with an apology for the podcast not coming out today like it was supposed to. Things were giving me a hard time for everything related to Untamed Dice. Because of my work schedule, episodes won’t be out until Friday. There is little more I can do at this point than work on it between shifts and hope nothing more happens.

Next, let’s talk about articles. You are still waiting on the follow up for Re-skinning Vampires. That will be out tomorrow. Additionally, I have been working on a schedule for article releases and have begun pre-writes for those articles. Every Tuesday and Thursday should have a new article. Thursdays mainly feature new Resources For Every GM and Review pieces. Tuesdays will feature Libris Monstrum, the Blog Carnival, and other articles I would like to write. As I get ahead on these I also hope to be able to commit better to production of my adventures and campaign information. Finally, starting in October I have a new article series that will exist as a short post every weekday. This will feature a word that may come up for GMs when describing things or attempting to do so. Each month will feature a theme such as burial places for October and castle anatomy in November. If you want a nice handy PDF collecting these things, Patrons of any pledge will be getting those every month. For more details on when different articles are coming out head over to our calendar page.

You are probably wondering about the giveaway I mentioned in the title of this post. I have mentioned it once or twice before, but we are doing a big 6 week giveaway starting next Tuesday September 9th. We’re looking to build followers on Twitter and Facebook and thus find more readers and listeners. We will have more details next week, but the idea is that the more goals we reach the more we giveaway.


As always I thank everyone for reading Notes of the Wandering Alchemist and listening to Untamed Dice. I hope the next few weeks can prove to be something great for us all as this place develops and truly begins to find solid legs.

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