Libris Monstrum Tomorrow & Lots This Weekend!

Hello everyone! I have been delayed in getting things up the past few days because I have found a new job. There are a number of upsides: management position/experience, web design/update responsibilities, part time, good hours, is exactly the part time I need right now. However, there are some issues: shadow open and close Monday followed by two full shifts 90%+ on my own. There was a lot to do and a ton to learn, but it left my with little time and much exhaustion. Tomorrow I have an opportunity to make side money, so I can’t catch up on everything tomorrow. Instead here is what you can expect coming up:

  • Libris Monstrum tomorrow night
  • New Luxarrah Friday
  • Sins Review Saturday
  • Sins Episode 1 Sunday
  • there is also some stuff in the works for patrons and perhaps some potential September goal-giveaways

Stay tuned for updates and all the posts for the week to be crammed into the end!

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