Site Tidying, Audio Editing, Getting To It

Hey everyone, just a quick update. Things are not happening quite when I want them to this week. Part of that is me spreading out the work and part of it is mixing it with other things I need to get done. That being said you guys will see a post later today from the Untamed Scribe featuring the latest Cracks of the Rift chapter. Tomorrow I’ll have a Wandering Dev Diary where I’ll expound about developing this site, because that is part of what I am doing. I have been lucky enough to get chances to look at both indie games and upcoming projects and I needed to set out more defined goals about that. You can find those on the Review Request contact page. I have also wanted to finish updating archives and adding pages, so I have been working on that as well.

Thursday I want to get out a re-skinning article featuring vampires. This is mostly because I want to ramble on about some interesting versions of vampires and explore some more. This weekend you won’t have an episode of Untamed Dice, but the next few weekends will feature two episode each. I want to continue catching up on Luxarrah and have something else in the pipeline. Listen to the end of yesterday’s episode to learn more. Once these things are squared away I’ll put the effort into finalizing Spells of Old (finally) and working on some more stuff. The ideas are there, but as always it is a matter of prioritization. Keep an eye out for more updates later this week!

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