Post-Insanity Update

I should start by clarifying…the insanity never really ends. Does it? Anyway, I have a better semblance of a plan right now. My job is secure for an extra 10 days or so and depending on how my boss works some quotes and budgets, potentially until the end of August. Keep your fingers crossed. At the very least, what I have now is a timeline rather than a panicky, practically tomorrow notice. So that means that I can get back to here. Now, not later, now.

Later today you will see the latest Untamed Rant pop up. This month we’re doing it backwards again (maybe it’ll just stay that way who knows). That means on the 15th you’ll get the 9th Chapter of Cracks of the Rift. On September first you’ll get the Rant about golems. I plan on having the review from last week up tomorrow and that Luxarrah episode will be going to Patrons this weekend. Spells of Old Volume 4 is also delayed a week, but the way things have worked out I have a number of days in a row before I work again. Of course I might have extra free time then but let’s focus on the immediate timeline.

My plan is to catch up from last week over the next five days. In addition I will be adjusting the calendar and my goals and timeline. Add job-hunting to the mix. Nevertheless, I still feel good about getting things done here. Last week created some stress and a hiccup, but that’s just something I’ll work through.

Last month was fantastic. The podcast had better numbers than I thought it would, but the blog did not. That’s OK, I’m scheduling myself regular posts still. I have a plan. Patreon hit its first goal, which means today I selected TWO dice set winners! Our next goal is to add some creativity and record a special podcast for Patrons. We only need 3/4 of our first goal to reach that next one, so anyone who helps out is that much closer to more content.

I don’t have much else to share at the moment and things are still a little hectic. Nevertheless, the Rant will be out this afternoon and a review will be up tomorrow. Expect an update this weekend sometime and watch the calendar for changes!

Thank you everyone who continues to join us here and on the podcast!

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