The Schedule Is On Hold-ish Because Life

Hey everyone! Just wanted to give a quick update as to where yesterday’s review is and what will be going on with my schedule in the next couple weeks. Yesterday I found out I am out of a job as of August 1st. Because of that I have been trying to squeeze some hours in before then, which means I worked today and will work Monday, which is unusual and unplanned. Given the large project coming up at the High School, my boss is also going to see if we can get an extra week in for me and for them. If that happens I will be quite busy next week. That being said, things are currently and will be for a little while, quite hectic. That being said, I will be working on articles but I need to delay the next Luxarrah episode of Untamed Dice and the release of Spells of Old Volume 4. As I figure a few things out, I will be updating my schedule and figuring out how I can and will spend time. I am determined to spend the portions of days off not just looking for work but getting a lot of writing done. For the next few days it is some recovery from the news and planning what I need to do. Thank you all for reading and I’ll catch you with an end-of-month update Monday!

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