Quick Monday Update!

We did it! In case you haven’t heard we have reached our first goal over on Patreon! This means that patrons will have two chances each month to win a set of dice. If you were waiting for a good time to get in on pledging, now is it just head on over to our Patreon page here. You will also have noticed that the Untamed Dice hasn’t been out yet this weekend. Sadly, I am pretty sure I came down with strep at some point and while not killing me I have been trying to take it easy. That means resisting extra coffees (acid) and not doing my intro for the episode (cause I do it like 10 times before I don’t screw something up). Not to worry, that will come out tomorrow now that my throat is getting better. You will also be getting a new Libris Monstrum featuring whatever you vote for over on Twitter. You have until 11 am EST tomorrow to vote and oozes are in the lead. If you want something else head over here and vote! Finally, you guys are going to see another review coming Thursday! Keep an eye on the calendar for more coming and stay tuned next Monday for an end-of-the-month wrap up. I’ll want to take a look at how well I’ve done over the past month and how I can keep improving my do less, accomplish more attitude. Oh, and I’ll talk some basic goals and have some Twitter polls likely coming!

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