New Patreon Goal & Sort-of-Reward

Hey everyone, I have been thinking a lot about what we can do as a Patreon and why I have it. The whole purpose of this blog and the podcast and everything else is to be a greater part of the RPG community. In that effort I have tweaked the Patreon in two very simple ways. First off, I added something to the $5/month reward tier, but it is a reward for other creators more than our Patrons directly. Of course I might have resources to point them towards as a result. The reward is a simple pledge to pick a RPG-related, nerdy patreon creator and pledge $1/month to them. As of right now that is 3 of our Patrons which means that those Patrons who are already helping me are able to, in turn, allow me to help others. When I pick them out I will be sure to let everyone know (probably in Monday’s update post). The other tweak I made was just an additional goal. No, we have not reached our first goal yet but that doesn’t make it wrong to set our eyes ahead. At $100/month I am going to make it a point to search out various RPG Kickstarters and the like. While I do this when I can already, the income from Patrons would be enough that I could search for small projects that I would like to support but might not be able to. Whether we pledge $5 or $30 or more will be up to the one we find and what rewards are offered. We will ask Patrons for suggestions and we will review the products (when the eventually arrive of course). Regardless, I want to grow and in growing I want to connect with and support other creators. These small changes are one way I know how I can do that!

If you want to help us out with $5 and help someone else in turn, or are curious about what else you might get for supporting us, head over to our Patreon page by clicking this link or the big button to your right.

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