Calendar Updated & Libris Monstrum Incoming

Hey everyone! Just wanted to shoot a quick update out here. First off, the calendar has updated with a couple Kickstarters I am watching as well as when a few articles are coming out. Tomorrow there will be a Libris Monstrum post and next week I plan to get you a Wandering Dev Diary. For those interested, there is a poll up right now on Twitter for the next Rant topic. So far it is a tie between ghouls/ghosts and golems so get your voice heard! Next week we will put up a poll for the next Libris Monstrum. Make sure to watch for that as it will be the last new one for a while. After that comes the revisiting series. Finally, I want to mention that in the next two weeks we will be finishing the Splinter episodes of Untamed Dice so keep an eye out if you have been waiting for Luxarrah to come back because that will be the first thing back. I will also be deciding on a release schedule for episodes and may ask for input, so watch for that as well!

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